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and Lastly the Iron Monsters From the Mold


���A p>onderous bevel gear nearly fifteen feet in diameter. Note the accuracy of the measure- ments as compared with the hugeness of the casting. It weighs exactly 32,000 pounds

��At right: A ten-foot " butter- fly" valve large enough for a limousine to drive through. The gate is swung bj' means of an electric motor which operates on powerful gearing

��Cast steel "lateral" or branch joint for a huge pif>e line, loaded on a special car built without a floor so that the casting would clear bridges, timnels and other railway obstructions encountered

��Below: The bottom of an en- gine bed-plate weighing 86 tons, cast in a single piece. It is loaded on a steel fiat-car built especially for such heavy burdens, ordinary railroad rolling stock being too light


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