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Building New Cities of Demountable Houses on

���The period of reconstruc- tion in the devastated and depopulated sections of France was under way when the smoke of battle was still in the air. To-day the ruins of villages cen- turies old serve as the foundations for newer vil- lages of light frame build- ings and demountable houses. The English so- ciety of "The Friends" has undertaken this relief work of supplying home- less French families with the ready-cut lumber to build their temporary homes. At left is shown a ruin under investiga- tion. The agent will de- cide whether the walls that are standing may be used again or whether an entirely new struc- ture will be necessary

���The height of good fortime— a horse to help! Here the builders have tiles with which to con- struct their wall. They have already begun to set up the framework for their future home

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