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the Ruins of Ancient Villages Destroyed by War

���Above: A dwelling with the roof frame- work completed and some of the tile walls in place. Since the wood comes in pieces al- ready cut to fit together it requires but little ingenuity to place it correctly. Six or eight men are required to set up each house

����A small dwelling house appears in the oval above. There are thousands of such temporary struc- tures in France at the present time. They can be quickly erected and, better still, quickly taken apart and removed to another place out of the danger zone. Moreover, when the time comes to build a p>ermanent home the little portable house will furnish the timber

��Sid .nSS^n.i ^"'^' of Sermaize erected on the ruins of the ancient city. They are warm ^cludTna h ^K*'?T"?°^'?'i' *° ^ comfortable shelters for people whose earthly 7^s mcludmg household furn.shmgs and even clothes have been destroy^ ?^ a Srrfblf ^r


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