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Housekeeping Made Easy

��Above: A new device for wax- ing flatirons consists of a round honey- comb board about five inches in di- ameter, which is saturated in beeswax

���A lighter which is composed of a roll of one hundred caps which are ignited one by one by an up- ward push of the thumb. Each light burns half a minute

��Above: A table top made in eight sections, which will fit any table, round or square, and enlarge it for special occasions. The sections are plush-lined so as not to scratch the wood

���At left: These steel match holders are equipped so as to accommodate the ordi- nary parlor match or to hold two boxes of safety matches. They are fast- ened on the kitchen wall

���A sliding door for the pantry is a convenience where a swinging door would be impossible or very much in the way. When closed it looks like a panel of the wall

��A coat hanger which you can carry in your pocket. It is about two inches long but will hold sixty pounds. It is easily pressed into the wall or woodwork


��A cast-iron garbage receiver built into the kitchen wall so that the front opens into the kitchen and the back upon the rear porch or into the back yard

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