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Housekeeping- Made Easy


��Ice-grips composed of wooden handles in which are set spikes, or teeth, will prove a conveni- ence in lifting ice from the dumbwaiter to the refrigerator

��In oval above : A vac. .,:..- cup massaging device which has a grip nearly twice as strong as that of the ordi- nary type of vacuum cup

��. : ;Jing star; _ . . the

dishpan a few inches if the sink is low. It may also be used as a rest for hot pans when taken from the oven

���A broad flat knife of flexi- ble steel for turning pan- cakes, eggs, etc. It has a sharp edge and can be used for chopping vegetables

��Below: A mop head which locks over the mop cloth holding it securely but releasing it readily when it is no longer needed

�����A nickel-plated steel coat and hat hanger with mov- able arms which can be placed in any desired posi- tion or folded back against the wall out of the way

��Below: An adjustable car- riage or support on casters for a scrubbing pail. It also has a caster bracket mop wringer which is operated by foot pressure



��A device without springs and with but a single operating cord for opening and closing casement windows, transoms, shutters, etc.


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