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The Inventor Invades the Workshop and the Office

���A dustless disk grinder with an ad- justment for accurately grinding segment ends or any angular face

��A file handle with an elas- tic ferrule. A spring holds the file tang in an elastic grip

���An air-operated arbor press; the downward or pressing stroke is slow, the upward stroke fast

���At left: An internal cylinder grinding machine in which the work-holding table can be tilted to any angle. A vertical bar with a circular rack is fed around and down at the 'same time by the horizontal motor operating on gearing. Inside the main bar is a sleeve containing a grinding spindle

���Creasing your trousers while you wear them. The pressing board is held in one hand and two revolving iron drums are operated by the other

���A street-car snow scraper with ad- justable blades resting in rail flanges. It is operated by air or by a lever

��A drill press, vise, pipe vise and anvil all in one. A hollow screw holds a drill which may be revolved by handles. A steady wooden base is provided


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