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And Here Is the Result in New Mechanical Kinks

���Above : Testing the strength of screwdrivers. The point is placed in a socket and turned with a wrench while the dial on the scale registers exactly the stress exerted

At right above: A spring lock-nut con- sists of a punching of spring steel bent double and tempered. The punching is so shaped that when fin- ished the outline is that of a standard nut

Below: A barrel chair. The seat and back are made of two-inch slats. The arm rests are wide

��Above: A safety planer guard. A shutter sur- rounds the knife between cuts and an aluminum guard covers the unused part of the knife v.'hen the stock is being fed to it

At left: A con- venient check-sorter with a capacity of fourteen hundred checks. When the checks are in place the front place is auto- matically locked s o that there is no danger of losing the contents

Below: An automatic cut-out transformer for use with small currents, as for toys


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