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Making Shells for Europe— America's New

��At right: Steel point castings, "nose pieces," as they are received at the anununi- tion plant. A shell is composed of two pieces, the nose piece or point, and the body piece. The nose of the finished shell can be unscrewed from the body

��Below: Truing up a six-inch shell after the body and point have been fitted together. This is careful work as the Allies are most critical and throw aside any shell which does not measure up to within one- two thousandth of an inch

���At left below: A twin machine that automatic- ally turns two shell bodies at the same time to the right di- ameter. The shells being made are six- inch high explo- sive shells, used in the smaller naval guns and in field pieces

��Below: Shaping the nose piece to fit the body of the shell. Note the measuring instruments at the worker's left. These are con- stantly used to guide him in making the nose piece absolutely accurate. The machine is of American make

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