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Industry Which Keeps the Big Guns Barking

��At right: Boring out the interior of a shell body to make the thickness of the body the proper dimension. Many different sizes are made, vary- ing from one and four-tenths to sixteen inches, but the medium sizes are in greatest demand

��At right below: A pile of rough forgings from which the six-inch shells are made. The shells shown here would last but a few minutes in one of those fierce offensives that were daily occurrences in the early autumn fighting and before Verdun

��At right below: After insF>ection each shell is given two coats of yellow enamel paint to prevent rust in transit. The shells are hanging by holes drilled in the nose piece. When ready to load, the nose is unscrewed with the aid of these holes

��Below: Testing the fitting of nose piece to the shell body. The rings shown on two of the shell bodies are for checking the outside dimension of the shells and the gage-stick shown in the third is used to get the depth of the bore

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