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Are You a Good or Poor Penman?

If you can't judge your own handwriting here is a scale which will do it for you

By M. McGuire Telford




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�� �� ���To measure the quality of a sample of handwriting, slide it along the scale until a writing of corre- sponding quality is found. The number in black at the top of the scale above each column represents the value of the writing being measured. Proceeding from left to right note how the samples improve









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��� ����A STANDARD chart prepared by the Russell Sage foundation in New York city and distributed at a nominal price enables any person to judge easily and accurately his own or' another's hand- writing. The scale is on a sheet of heavy paper measuring nine by thirty-six inches. It contains, twenty-four samples of writing of eight different degrees of excellence. These are of three slants— vertical, medium and extreme. Each of the three slants has eight samples for the eight different grades. Proceeding from left to right each sample is better than the preceding; moreover, the gradations are equal.

The samples are marked at the top 20, 30, and so on up to 90. In actual practice.

��however, writing is usually marked on a more liberal scale. Grades ranging from 60 to 95 are indicated in the circles at the top of the same samples. The three slants on the scale include more than 95% of the ordinary writing of adults; in fact, 65% of all the samples studied are included in the medium slant.

In measuring the quality of a given sample, the method is to slide the sheet along the scale until writing of similar quality is found on the scale; then a glance at the top of that division tells the grade. Where many samples are to be marked, as in school or other examinations, two methods are used. The first is to compare each sample with the chart as

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