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��Popular Science Monthly

��A Doll Which Is Meant To Be Abused for the Sake of Exercise

EUGEN SAN- DOW, the pro- fessional strongman, has invented a phys- ical exerciser which takes the form of a doll or figure. It is hung on the wall and bat- tered into submis- sion; its legs and arms are pulled at will without caus- ing it any incon- venience.

The inventor plans to supply the child with a doll that can be turned into an unconscious exercising medium. The ordinary rag doll is easily dismem- bered. Mr. Sandow's doll is elastic and will thus with- stand any amount of youth- ful pulling.

The arms and legs of his doll consist of coiled springs with hands and feet attached. The covering fabric is securely fastened to these coils. The child can grasp either the

���Wind a Spring and Let the Pugilists Fight It Out

WITH the season for mechanical toy novelties in full swing, the one in- vented by Charles E. Keffer, of Mem- phis, Tenn., will doubtless arouse interest. It is an animated butting match, between two darky pugil- ists and depicts a favorite sport among the Southern negroes. The two figures are connected on a slid- ing-block in such a way that when the interior mechanism of the toy causes them to approach each other only their heads touch. But the force of the contact is so great that the con-

��are made of coiled springs for exercising a child's muscles

��testants rebound briskly. The arms and legs of the doll ^^^^ ^^ ^^ j^ again and

again, however, as long as the referee, who is the youth- ful owner of the toy, cares to prolong the fight.

hands or legs and pull away at them without One leg of each of the figures is pivoted

tearing them from the body. The fabric on the body so that in the rebound move-

��stretches with the springs. Con venient grips are provided at the hands and feet of the doll.

An exercising harness to be fitted over the doll or figure has bieen provided by the inventor. The hand grips, con- sisting of dumb- bells and elastic cords, extend just a little beyond the doll's hands and feet.

This toy is a

veritable "strong

doll" and will

hold its own DOVL-

under the most^J^'}-, ,,


Violent abuse quidl



��which a healthy child can inflict.





��One foot of each of the pugilists is attached to a staple connected with the mechanism underneath

��ments it seems to step backward. The arms are also pivotally attach- ed, but they have no other part in the affray than to give a lifelike ap- pearance to the fig- ures. The fighting is done by the heads alone in true billy-goat style.

A hollow stand is provided which conceals the mech- anism and serves as a platform for the fighters. Around the top of this, ropes are ex- tended, making a regular "ring."

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