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Is Inquisitiveness a Scientific Asset? Perhaps

���tlVNew VS-k Bo^rd'of -K • tY^^""t^"k ^ b,^^*^"°l<>gi«t employed in the laboratories of of th^^.I %• Health. In the photograph she is shown engaged in the study

of the germs of pneumonia and colds which germs have been injectid into rabbfts

��Lower picture at left: Miss Clara Thayer, B. S., at work "on water analysis in the Lederle Laboratories, New York City, to ascertain its purity and to determine' its possible effect not only upon human Health but on the interiors of steam boilers

��Louise E. MacRoberts, shown in the lower picture at right, is considered an authority on the mosquito, its sins and the best means for its extermination. She is engaged as an expert parasitologist in con- nection with the University of California

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