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That's Why Woman Is Advancing in Science

���The tapeworm is not the pleas- antest animal in the world. Yet Mrs. Eklna Watson Bailey has foimd it an interesting study. She was the first scientist to discover that the much-talked-of micro- scopic "head" does not exist at all. She is here shown study- ing the "Chimaera," or angel fish

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��The Dairy Division of the Department of Agricul- ture has a competent bacteriologist in the person of Alice C. Evans. She specializes on the study of microscopic organisms and their direct relation to health and to the keeping qualities of dair>' products

���Dr. Adele Jaffa, of Berkeley, Cal., is an authority on dietetics and a lecturer on the subject. Her planned diets have been followed closely in orphan asylums and in the "Better Babies" campaigns

���Miss Anna Maude Lute, scien- tific assistant in the Department of Agriculture of the University of California, is a specialist on seed analysis and her work is proving invaluable to the farmers

��For more than twenty years Mrs. F. W. Patterson has been engaged in studying microscopic forms of life. Her work also comprises study of fungous diseases of plants and the best methods which are applicable for their eradication. Mrs. Patterson is also an authority on mushrooms

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