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An Assortment of Mechanical Kinks Whicli Lessen

����A semi-rotary sleet cutter for the trolley pole. It scrapes the ice and sleet off top, sides and bot- tom of the copper trolley wire

��Above: A combined adding machine and typewriter. A small electric motor insures maximum rapidity and minimum effort on the part of the operator

��Left above : A tilting wood band- sawing machine. The saw can be moved to forty-five degrees on either side of the vertical

��At right: A key- ring which is locked simplyby pressing the out- side of the ring with the thumb




���Above: A coat and hat hook which may be folded back out of the way when not in use

���A steel cabinet for job press accessories. One side holds the press rollers and ink; the other holds gasoline, brush, wrenches, rags and pins

���New foot-mats of wood placed in passenger stations by a railroad to take the place of coco fiber mats


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