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Work and Take the Rough Edges Off Hard Jobs


���A lawn perforator for reseeding. It is composed of a block of wood and quar- ter-inch spikes which protrude about three inches


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��A screw extractor with left-hand spirals to grip the sides of the hole drilled in the screw that is stuck. It never fails to hold

���A phonograph needle cutter and sharpener, designed for bamboo needles only. The knife may be replaced after it is sharpened

�����A chain-drive bor- ing machine, for drilling holes in joists, rafters or other inconveni- ent places, weighs but sixteen povmds

��A machine which makes tire changing easy. Rollers are swung around in the reverse of the dismounting direction



���An oil can fitted with a cap lifting prong attached to the spout. The prong can lift the strongest cap

��Portable tool-post grinding machme with extension arm (at the left) for deep in- ternal work. It grinds large gages, regrinds valves and cylinders and polishes dies

��A trolley which engages the wire at all times. If the wire becomes disen- gaged it is automatically conveyed back to the center groove, as shown

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