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��THE outside diameter of the round house illustrated is 8 ft., and the height is 8 ft. The unique feature is in the use of silo blocks made of clay tile to obtain the shape. These blocks will make a 5-in. wall. The tiles are laid upon a con- crete foundation that is set into the earth 2i^ ft., and is lo in. thick. A i — 3 — 5 mixture of cement, sand and gravel is the proper one to use for the foundation and for the 4-in. floor.

The mortar for laying up the tile is made of I part cement to 3 parts sand. If the house is built in dry weather the blocks should be soaked in water before laying them. If this precau- tion is not taken the porous structure of the tiles will take up the moisture in the mortar and weaken its holding qualities.

It is not difficult to lay the tiles, but re- member to keep them true and plumb at all times and test the wall frequently with a plumb and level during erection.

The roof consists of a concrete slab rein- forced with heavy wire mesh. The ordinary mesh wire used for making a fence for hogs will answer the purjxjse. It may be made on any level platform, or a barn floor. To make the

slab 5 in. thick and about 9 ft. in diameter,

I «^ck of cement, 2 cu. ft. of sand and 3 cu.

��ft. of gravel will be required. The wire mesh is laid on a layer of concrete i in. thick, then the remaining concrete is put on and tamped. The round shape of the edge can be made by means of thin boards bent to the circle, or a strip of sheet metal that is 5 in, wide.

The door for the structure is the only opening in the walls. The door-frame is made of 2 by 6-in. planks, strongly fastened together and bonded to the walls. The bonding may be accomplished by driving large spikes through the frame material and into the mortar joints. The materials neces- sary^ for the house are as follows:










��An elevation of a round smokehouse constructed of silo blocks of clay tile set on a concrete foundation

��5^$ barrels of cement

130 hollow clay building

tiles, 5 by 8 by 12 in. 60 sq. ft. of wire mesh I door frame, 2^ ft. wide

and 7 ft. long I door

The square house is a little more difficult to build. However, the added feature of an outside fire box is suffi- cient recompense for the extra time and ex- pense in the construc- tion. The building is square with 8-ft. sides and an 8-ft. wall. Con- crete blocks instead of the tile blocks are used the foundation and the the same as for the

��for the walls, floor being about the same round house except in shape. The ma- terials necessary for the construction of this house are, 24 sacks of cement, 3 yards


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