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��of sand, 5 yards of gravel and 200 concrete blocks.

The roof for this house is one concrete slab. No doubt this can best be structed by mak- ing a form within the building of the desired shape and putting on the concrete the same as was done in making the other one on the barn floor. It will require some in- genuity to make a form for the edge, however. Nail boards together in an L-shape, making four pairs of them and form- ing a huge frame around the upper part of the blocks of the wall and properly support- ing it, to form the proper eave for the roof.

For either house, use ventilators in the center of the roof slab. These should be put in when making the slab.

���The curve of the walls of this house is obtained by using shaped silo tiles. It is covered with a concrete slab


��Shoring up a Porch-Post to Repair Floor-Boards

HAVING to repair some floor boards under and about a porch-post it was

necessary to

shore up the post. This is the meth- od I used. I first laid a piece of 2-in. plank about 8 in. wide on the ground and with a similar plank a trifle longer than the distance to the plate of the porch, I made a slanting brace or support. With an iron bar hav- ing a flattened end I raised the post up a little at a time by lifting on the end of the plank and push- ing it to a more vertical position. This was not much of a job, raised and the work without a

��the post was was satisfactorily completed jack. — A. A. Kelly.


���Plan and elevation of a square smokehouse having an outside firebox, all made of concrete hollow blocks set on a concrete foundation with a concrete floor

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