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Rudyard Kipling's "Bloomin' Idol Mad,



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��Photos © Newman Travcltalks and Brown & Dawson

��The original religion of Japan is a mixture of nature-worship with ancestor-worship, but Bud- dhism has a strong hold too. Above is shown the thirty-three stone Buddhas of Nikko, splotch- ed over with paper prayers pasted on by pilgrims

��In China, Confucianism is the principal religion. It is a moral system which refuses recognition of the unknown and emphasizes the duties and joys ?Lm^ ^Ifw -^^ especially of the home and family. At left is the God of Happiness, of Canton


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��One of the chief characteristics of the Hindu taith IS the acceptance of the cow as a sacred animal. Above is the Golden Bull, of Benares, India, which is greatly reverenced


��The finest Buddha" statue in the worid is at Kamakura, India. It is of bronze and is nearly fifty feet high. The forehead pendant IS of silver and weighs nearly thirty pounds

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