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The Latest Additions to the Constantly-Increasing

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Thick strips of hardened rubber placed across the face of a tire prevent skid- ding and pro- tect the tires from punctures

����AccessibiHty to every part of the motor- truck power- plant is secured by hinging the crankcase on one side and then elevating it with a small screw-jack, as shown

���A protective pad for several styles of heels, which saves the shoe when the driver is operating the clutch or brake lever of the car

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A combined auto- mobile pump and jack. A single han- dle operates the device for either purpose. It is car- ried with the tools

���A lighter for gas headlights on automobiles. Wires from the spark - plug cir- cuit connect with each burner

��A motorcycle limousine with seating capacity for three passengers. It is a three-wheeled affair

���How an American automobile party crossed an African river. A flooring of planks was placed on an ordinary flat-bottom row-boat and the automobile was balanced on it. The craft was then pushed across by natives and the landing was made at the other side by utilizing heavy beams


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