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Variety of Automobile Accessories and Conveniences

���Capstan hub caps make it easy to extricate a mired car. A rope is attached to each of the rear wheel cap- stans and the free ends to a stake or a tree

��SHrfi control column

��A triple tire wheel as standard equipment for trucks of large capacity. It gives a consider- ably greater mileage than the dual tire wheel

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Seennc'oear post

��A vacuum cleaner for the automo- bile. The pump- ing action of the engine is utilized to create the vacuum. The de- vice can be ajv plied to any engine

���Single chains attached to the spokes have leather- covered fasteners which do not injure the rim. They cannot strike the mudguard and can be fitted on solid as well as on the pneumatic tires


��An automobile lock which se- cures the steei ing mechanism, gas, and spark control against operation. It is attached to the steering post below the wheel

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