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��Attaching the Phonograph to

the Telephone — the Latest

Efficiency Device

A MISTAKE in that order? Was it taken over the tele- phone? And was there a dicta- phone record of it? If so the error is not Hkely to be chargeable to the office, for there in the com- plainant's own voice is the record of what he said over the tele- phone. That's the newest idea.

All this is realized by means of an invention patented by Green- how Johnston, of Richmond, Va., which transfers conver- sations from the tele- phone to the phonograph.

The transference of the sound waves is made through a small box which contains a num- ber of reeds inside. This box is the keystone in the invention, for it amplifies the telephone sounds so that they will make an intelligible record on the phono- graph. The ordinary sounds from the telephone receiver are too weak and too befogged to produce a clear record when led to the phonograph directly. But when these same sounds are led first through the box, the reeds take up their vibrations and add strength to their tone. The receiver and the transmitter are both connected with the amplifying box by tubes. The phonograph is also connected with the box by a tube.

���SoutxJ intensifier

���Sound pipe

��Transferring conver- sation from the tele- phone to the phonograph

At left: How the tele- phone sounds are ampli- fied to make a record

��The device can take

the conversation of

either or both persons

talking, or, if not

needed, it can be easily disconnected fron

the telephone. Connection can be made

with any telephone or phonograph.

���Army officers watching the maneuvers of the wooden tank The wire-cutting blade over the front wheel is an innovation

��A Wooden Tank Shows Itself Off Before Army Officers in California

AN armored tractor car of the tanl . variety which disclaims any relation ship to the members of the original family which ambled across No Man's Land, took California by surprise recently. Although it was constructed of light lumber with wooden rivets it was formidable enough in appearance to furnish the thrill for ii motion-picture battle.

After it had served the purpose of the motion-picture people a demonstra- tion test was held before a board of the United States army officers at Los Angeles. The pseudo tank climbed hills and worked its way ov^er sand dunes to the edification of the army men. The formidable- looking gun which peeps out of the front turret is of wood and is as harmless as a pea- shooter. One noteworthy in- novation is the wire cutting blade carried in front directly over the wheel.

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