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Housekeeping Made Easy

���A grid for use over the out- door fire. It may be used either with or without the legs

����A step-saving problem was solved by this dumbwaiter. A hole was cut in the floor through which the dumbwaiter could be lowered into the cellar in order to keep food supplies in a cool place. The top of the dumb- waiter fits over the hole like a trap-door as shown at right above

��An old tooth-paste tube unfolded, thor- oughly cleaned and polished and rolled again over a round object, makes a ser- viceable icing-gun. Any shaped outlet hole can be easily made in the top

���A simple device for removing the pit from a peach without crush- ing the fruit or staining the hand with juice

���A metal strainer is attached to the side of the preserving ket- tle to hold the spoon in place

��The latest device for keeping out flies is a sprayer filled with a solu- tion that is deadly to flies, but will not injure the finest fabrics such as are used for curtains. The smell of it, though faint, will keep away all insects



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