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��hung so as to swing hinge-like on one edge. This one, however, presents as much inclined surface to the water on one side of a vertical plane passing length- wise through the cen- ter of the ship as on the other side. The queer rudder, the high poop, and the square-sail are the most curious and speculated upon parts of the craft, though the keel is of great interest.

After arrival at the seaside the comple- tion of the square-sail rigging, the installa- tion of a sixty-horse- power auxiliary' gas- engine, a propeller, and tanks for upward of two thousand gal- lons of gasoline, and the encasing and bal- lasting of the odd cigar-shaped keel with

��Above: A bow-on view of the galley, showing the height of the vessel and the rudder

���reinforced concrete to a total weight of eigh- teen tons, were begun. The mast will rise thirty feet. There are two decks, the engine room being located in the keel.

The razor-edged prow of a clipper ship graces the front end of the vessel. The beam at the water- line is fat and bulging, and the poop is high for sake of safety, ob- servation and form. When the tiller arm is not in use, it is straightened out to become a companion- ladder to the top deck or poop through a hatch. An automobile steering-wheel with wire cables attached and leading back to the rudder is located forward in the ver>- peak of the prow.

At left : The auxiliary automobile steering wheel located in the peak of the prow

���Side view of the "Aries" on Berkeley Beach, receiving the finishing touches. The builder him- self is puzzled as to how he will get the craft from here into deep water, more than a mile away

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