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Painting the Automobile. . . 457

A Bubbling Fountain with Icing Reservoir 461

A Hat Hook Made of a Lead Pencil 461

Nails Which May Be Quickly Withdrawn 461

A Wire Stretcher for Repairing a Fence 461

Keeping Rope Strands from Unraveling 462

Saving Chemicals in Developing Motion-Picture

Films 462

A Shoe Lace Tie That Will Stay Tied 462

A Driver to Turn Studs in Aluminum Castings. . 463

A Lasting Paint for Heated Surfaces 463

Keeping Vise Jaws Open with a Spring 464

Making Fly Traps for Packing Houses 464

Short Cuts in Sign Painting 465

Preparing Demar Varnish 466

Rubber Plugs in Handsaw Handle 466

Using Ball of Soap to Recover Screw 466

Sheet Metal Working Simply Explained 467

Clothes-Hangers Used for Handles in Barrel Covers 468

Pocket-Knife Cigar Cutter 468

Typewriter Soldiers 468

Knock-Down Canvas Boat 469

Passing Cigarette Smoke Under Handkerchief . . . 470

An Outboard Motor 471

Making and Using a Casting Rod 472

Burning Glass Made of Watch Crystals 474

Burning a Lump of Sugar 474

Burning Out Designs in a Piece of Paper 479

Knockdown Walls to Make a Portable Summer

House 480

Using a Bicycle Pump for a Water Rheostat 601

A Flexible Spline Used for a Draughtsman Curve. 602 New Type of Acid Proof Brush for Soldering Flux 606

The Underwriter's Knot for Flexible Cords 610

Testing for Trouble That Cause* Poor Automobile

Lights 610

Making a Practical Vacuum Cleaner 611

Blackboard an Adjunct to the Amateur's Shop. . . 614

An Interesting Thermo-Magnetic Motor 614

An Undercoating for Copper to Hold Paint 614

Stropping a Razor on the Fleshy Part of the Hand 615 Warming Army Tents with Improvised Stoves. . . 615

Making a Campfire Tent with an Awning 616

Preserving Flowers in Natural Colors with Wax. . 616

How to Relinc Your Automobile Brakes 617

Cord Cutter Made from a Safety Razor Blade. ... 618 Temporary Repair on a Broken Lubricator Filling

Glass 618

Sheet Metal Working Simply Explained 619

Ingredients That Make the Best Kind of Glue . . . 620 An Inexpensive Cesspool Made of a Barrel and Cask 620 Pedal-Operated Brake for a Belt Driven Motorcycle 62 I Making a Soldering Iron Heater of Pipe and Fittings- 621 A Durable Paint for Surfaces Exposed to the

Weather 621

Clip for Carrying Pipe in the Vest Pocket 622

A Silvering Process for Glass Instruments and

Mirrors 622

Holding the T-Square on the Drawing-Board 622

Range Finder to Locate Landmarks and Signal Fires 623 A Convenient Pivoted Card File for the Desk. . . . 624

Three Methods for Finding a Chosen Card 625

Piping Automobile Engine Exhaust Gas from

Garage 626

Edging Flower Beds with Bottles 626

Repairing a Broken Test Tube or Beaker 626

Making and Using a Casting Rod 627

Making a Cabin Tent Out of Ordinary Sheeting. . 629 Holding Papers on a Movable Sloping Desk-Top. . 630

Keeping Oil from V-Belt of a Motorcycle 630

Building a Model Airplane Kite 631

Repairing a Broken Link in a Motorcycle Roller

Chain 632

Grouping Sheet Music Into Books and Binding

Them . 632

A Teeter Swing for Public or Private Playground. 633

An Experiment with Sulphate of Soda 633

Cutting Brass Tubing Rapidly on a Buzz Saw. . . . 634

A Wood Lift Built in Like a Dumb- Waiter 634

Improving Piano Tone by Makinfr Air Humid. . 635 Simple Camera Attachment for Photographic

Enlarging 635

Bracing for an Iron Pipe Fence Post 636

Attaching Linoleum to a Cement Floor 636

Casing for Carrying Tube Cements Without Damage 636

A Silver Plating Bath and How to Use It 636

A Simple Toy Motor Run with Dry Sand 638


Wigwam Made of a Tripod 639

A Siphon Made of Gas Pipe and Fittings 640

Making a Miter Box for Cutting Trestle Legs. . . . 640

Replacing Tongue in a Fancy Brass Hook 640

A Window Ventilator Which Eliminates Drafts. . 761 Flaps Used on Inner Tubes to Prevent Pinches. . . 761

Keeping Insects Away from Lunch Boxes 762

The Construction of an Automatic Centering Tool 762 Caution in Turning Corners to Prevent Tire Injury 762 Making a Cigar Stand on the Top or Side of a Hat 762

Smoke Your Own Fish 763

Simple Ejector for Removing Water from an Ash

Pit 765

Automobile Footboard Used as a Roller Board. . . 765 A New Way to Make a Hydraulic Test for Steam

Boilers 765

Some Common Abrasives 766

Half-Soling Rubber Overshoes to Give Longer Wear 768

Simple Designs for Sheet Metal Working 769

Table Leg Sliders Made of Shotgun Shell Wads . . . 770

Blue Print Drying Rack to Hang Over Sink 770

Simple Die Casting for the Home Shop 771

Expansion Shield for Screws Made of Sheet Lead . . 77 1

Painting on Cemented or Concrete Surfaces 771

Two-Speed and Reverse Countershaft for a Small

Lathe 773

The Damage Caused by Running Tires Deflated. . 773 A Jack to Keep Automobile Weight from Tires. . . 774 Camera Focusing Screen for Fine Detail Work. . . 774 Lathe Centers Used as a Clamp for Gluing a Box. . 774 Applying a Change-Speed Device to an Automobile

Clutch 775

Softening Carbon with Steam in the Automobile

Engine . . 7 76

Testing Gasoline Engine Compression 776

Preventing Hinge Rods from Loosening on an

Automobile Hood 777

The Proper Camber for Front Wheels 777

Making a Re- Winder for a Motion Picture Film . . 778

A Hard Finish for a Lunch Counter Top 778

A Storage House for Potatoes 779

A Paste Lubricant for Starting Screws and Nails. . 781 To Keep the Ends of Rafters from Spreading .... 782 Making a Substantial Cardboard Pulley for Belts . 782 An Insulator and Fire Protector for a Stovepipe. . 782 A Solution for Electro-Plating with Aluminum . . . 782 A Lead Pencil Sharpener with Dust Collector Box . 783 A Stain for Giving Wood a Brilliant Rose Color . . 783

Repairing a Fast-Pin Hinge Riveting 783

Drawing Perspective Views 783

Removing the Point of a Broken Center Drill .... 784 Safe Method of Joining Airplane Sections or Wings 784 A Closet Rod Which Will Accommodate Several

Suit Hangers 784

Repairing a Broken Link in a Motorcycle Chain . 784

Etching Photographs on the Surface of Glass 784

A Modest Home at a Modest Price 785

Grouping Sheet Music Into Books 786

Testing for Trouble That Causes Poor Automobile

Lights . . 796

Chemical Flasks Made from Electric Light Bulbs. 921 A Concrete Mixer Made Out of an Old Mower. . . 921 Comic Photograph Made with Film Negatives. . . 922 Protection Curtain for a Mechanic's Work Bench . 922

Testing the Strength of Norway Iron 922

Coating for Window Glass to Keep Off the Frost . . 923

Instruction Marker for Photographic Plate 923

Drill Holder for the Tailstock of a Lathe 923

Some Useful Hints for the Owner of a Phonograph 923 The Balanced Aquarium for the Proper Care of Fish 924

V-Block with Clamps for Small Drill Press 924

Making a Sprinkler Hose Nozzle for the Boiler Room 925

Making a Gage for an Oil Storage Tank 926

Finishing a Book Trough in Natural Wood 926

An Individual Strap-Hanger for a Crowded Car. . 927 A Garage Air-Compressor Made from Automobile

Engine 927

An Emergency Repair on a Leaking Water Pipe. . 927

Door Catch Made of a Spring Shoe Tree 928

Reshaping Artists' Paint Tubes for Refilling 928

Tearing a Pack of Cards in Half with Ease 928

Construction of a Bob-Sled 929

Boring Mill Tool-Holder for Saving Expensive Steel 932

An Improvement on an old Card Trick 932

Newspaper as a Substitute for Chalk Talk Board . . 932

Treadle for an Automobile Foot Accelerator 932

Coal Is Dear. Learn How to Burn It 933

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