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��Page Taking Photographs with a Concealed Camera. . . 327

Airplane Camera Takes 750 Exposures 328

A Motion-Picture Projector Which Can Be Carried

in a Suitcase 423

The Original Motion Picture Film 484

Taking Pictures a Thousand Feet Under Water . . 577

Moving Pictures That Really Talk 578

Aim and Pull the Trigger to Photograph an Enemy

from the Air 586

Making It Easy to See the "Movies" 599

Finger-Print Camera for Modern Sherlock Holmes. 678 Making Pictures and Projecting Them with the

Same Machine 722

Harnessing a Fighting Lion for the Films 739

A Moving-Picture Show, the Martian Might See . 856

A Motion-Picture Camera on One Leg 878

How the Lion and the Lamb Lie DownTogether in

the Motion Pictures 884

Hang That Book from Your Shoulders 892

Incandescent Lamps May Now Be Used to Project

Motion Pictures 893


The Flag Equipment of an American Battleship. . 8-9

An Airplane View of Salonika 10

How New York Firemen Save Lives II

Testing the Senses 12-13

Primitive Man's Art and Handicraft 14

Odd Specimens of Tattooing 15

Selecting Fit Men for Our Navy 16-17

The Latest Styles for Automobile Bodies 18

Killing the Dry Frog in the Opera Singer's Throat 19

Gas Masks Used in Peacetime 20-2 1

Importance of the Hoe, Spade and Pitchfork in

War 22-23

Bayonet Practice for Our Recruits I 70

Why the Hindenburg Line Seemed So I mpregnable I 7 1

Sculpture of Fat and Sugar 1 72-1 73

The Chimney Sweeps of Paris I 74

Novel Methods of Recruiting 175

The Importance of Rope on a Battleship 176-177

Making the American Flag 1 78-1 79

A Waterspout . . 180

Keeping the Animals Cool in the Zoo 181

Soldiers' Art Exhibit in Paris 182

President Wilson's Message Reaches the Germans 183 Prisoners and Wounded Alike Must Have Pleasure 184

Queer Trees and Near Trees — All Are Useful 185

In the Grottoes Under the Battlefields 330

Trench Farms of the Philippines 331

The Eagle Builds Remote from Man 332

Bungalows on a Roof 333

And the Inventors Never Cracked a Smile 334

France's Tank Contribution to the War 335

They Earn Their Living with Their Senses. . .336-337

Natural Figures in Wood 338

Profit in Raising Skunks 339

New Eagles of the Western Front 340

Armor Appears on the Airplane 341

Making an Army Hat 342-343

Wood Carving by Machinery 344

New Fashions in Gas Masks 345

Army Refiigerating Devices 486

Trained Horses for the New York Mounted Police 487

Making Anti-Submarine Nets 488-489

What It Means to Feed and Clothe the Armies of

the Allies 490-491

The Sahara Viewed from an Airplane 492

Specimens of Indian Art 493

Food — -Food Everywhere and Not a Bit to Eat . . . 494

French Forces Using Liquid Fire 495

Dolling Up Your Fo*d \ .496-497

Big Guns Used by the Coast Artillery 498-499

Various Stages in the Development of a Wasp . 500-502

Posing on Flying Rings 648-9

Queer Ways of Making a Living 650-1

The Way of the Slacker Is Hard 652-3

Baths Without Bath-tubs and Milk Without Dairies 654

Cliff Dwellers Near Santa Fe 655

Russia's Modern Joans of Arc 656

A Sharp Shooter Wearing a New Water Jacket . . . 657

Odd Uses of the Talking Machine 658-9

Exploits of Tanks and Airplanes 660-1

Who's Who and What's What in the Army 662-3

Making Serums for Uncle Sam's Army 808-09

X-Ray Photographs 810-1 1


Women Working on French Dirigible 812-13

Performing Dogs i 814

The Allies Big Repair Tents 815

Comfort Kits for Our Soldiers 816-17

Avoiding a Broken Head in Boxing 818-19

Fresh Air for New York's Anemic Children. . . . 820-21 Making Rifles and Bullets for Our Soldier Boys . .822-23


Cutting Clippings from Magazines with a Pin. ... 121

Solid Board Fence with Artistic Upper Edge 121

Rustic Furniture Made of Poles and Logs 121

Using a Drop of Water for Lens in Photomi- crography 123

An Effective Fireproofing for Children's Clothing. 125 Collecting Ants in a Sponge and Drowning 1 hem . 125 Exterminating Moles and Gophers by Asphyxiation 1 25 Exhibiting Specimens of Flowers in Single Blos- soms 1 26

A Tracing Cloth Repair That Does Not Affect

Transparency 1 26

Differences in Curing Time of Parts Makes Poor

Tire Repair 126

Porcupine Removes Window Pane to Gain Admit- tance 1 26

Round Belt Guide on a Washing Machine Wheel. 127

A Vine Covered Tepee for the Garden 127

A Shaft-Polisher Made Like a Lemon Squeezer. . 127 Building an Artistic Bird-House for the Garden .... 1 28 A Printing Process for Imitating Hard Woods. ... 129 An Improvised Stage for a Country Fairy-Play. . 131 An Experiment in Optics Using Heated Graphite 132 Small Hand Drill Made from a Cheap Watch .... 132

A Snap-Fastener for the Cupboard Door 132

Awnings for the Veranda and How They Are Made 133 Fastening an Oar-Lock to Keep It from Falling Out 134

A Boomerang Flyer 135

How to Cut Roses So That the Plants Are Not

Injured 136

Sheet Metal Working Simply Explained 137

A Pin Inverted in a Cork to Make an Oil Dropper 138 An Automatic Watering Tank for Poultry Yards. 138 A Trough for Thoroughly Washing Film Negatives 138 Safety Guard Placed on an Emery- Wheel Dresser 139 A Nest-Box Trap for Catching the English Sparrow 1 39 Look Over Stored Tires Before Applying Them to

Rims 139

An Easily Made Garage from a Metal Tank 140

A Cheap and Effective Method of Bracing a Roof 140 Small Closet in Door Frame Stile for Milk Bottle. 140

Winning an Athlete's Laurels 141

Sticky fly Paper Used to Keep Insects Away from

Poultry 145

Saving Concrete in Setting Posts in Holes 145

Waterproofing Blue Prints and Drawings for Rough

Handling 1 45

A Coating Which Gives the Appearance of Stone to

Wood 146

A Special Ladder for Use in Boiler Shops. 146

Three Plates and Three Color Screens Used in New

Color Photography I 46

Making a Push Cart Oil Sprinkler for Dusty Drives 28 I Never-Slip Calks Used on Lawn-Mower Wheels. . 281

Three Methods for Finding a Chosen Card 281

End Mills Made of Broken and Worn Twisted Drills 282 Fastening Nails So They May Be Quickly With- drawn 282

Waterproofing for Concrete Walls and Floors 282

An Open Shelter for the Yard or Flat Roof 290

A Self-Acting Fountain for the Home Conservatory 291 Preserving Unpainted Surfaces Caused by Wear . . 293 A Substitute for a Shoe Horn in an Emergency . . . 293

A Tool for Accurately Lining Shop Shafting 294

A Turned Down or Pistol Grip Handle for a Rake . 294 A Cement Wash for Applying to a Damp Wall . . . 296 A Porch Swing Made from Your Favorite Rocker . 296

Sheet Metal Working Simply Explained 301

Folding Camp Fireplace Made of Angle Iron. .... 302

Garden Seat with Checkerboard in Its Top 302

Making an Electric Searchlight for a Motor-Boat. 307

Running Bell- Wires Through Walls 442

A Binder for Water Colors 446

Window Tappers Which Tap Intermittently 454

Bath Water Supply for an Army Camp. 456

The Right Meaning of the Term Reaming 456

Sending Small Coin by Mail 456

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