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��Page One Inventor's Idea for Lengthening the Life of a

Rubber Tire • 255

Making a Trolley-Car of the Motor-Truck 261

Device to Remove Automobile Bodies Without

Scratching 262

The Newest Child's "Pushmobile" 263

An Easily Adjusted Tire That Locks Itself on the

Wheel 268

A Motor-Truck for Ice Cream Delivery 272

Tipping Truck for a Large Cylindrical Oil Tank. . 282

Miniature Automobiles and Their Race Meets. . . . 283

Effects of Oil and Grease on Rubber Tires 288

Repairing a Worn Plunger in an Automobile Oil- Pump 293

A Tractor Trailer Made for an Old Automobile. . 295 Inflation and Weight Governs the Resiliency of

Tires ....296

Constituency of Rubber for Side Walls of a Tire. . 302

Salvaging Motor Wrecks with an Equipment Car 324

Motor Truck Carries Thirty-Eight Soldiers 326

Live Steam or Vapor to Save Gasoline 351

A Lock which Makes the Ford Car Thief-Proof. . . 353

Automobile Accessories 357

Men Whom the Automobile Has Made Rich . .358-359

The Gasoline Automobile as a Locomotive 360

The Air-Propelled Unicycle 370

Loading Coal Baskets from a Motor Truck 379

Cleaning the Air Fed to Automobile Cylinders. . 383

The Biggest Automobile Spring 384

What Six Gallons of Gasoline Can Do 409

A Dust-Proof Cover to Keep the Automobile Lug- gage Clean 417

A Tire Pressure Gage No Bigger Than a Pencil. . 421

Storing Automobile Fenders 424

A Garage Built with the Contour of a Cathedral. . 431

An Anti-Kick Device for the Ford 435

Caring of Inner Tubes to Prevent Chafing 455

Dust Proofing the Automobile Priming Cup 455

Rim Cuts in Tires 470

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories . . .508-51 1

Turning a Car in Its Own Length 512

This Truck Loader Will Lift One Ton Ten Inches

Per Second 517

Your Motor Is Known by the Piston Rings It Has 522 The Small Caterpillar Tractor Rings the Death

Knell of the Industrial Railroad 532

The Rising Price of Automobiles 543

Inspecting a Six-Mile Tunnel by Automobile 544

A Motor Truck Line I 540 Miles Long 548

Advertising by Motor-Truck 549

Photographing the Jolts of an Automobile 550

Loading Trucks Without Disturbing Sidewalk

Traffic 554

A Car-Lifting Brake 560

Improved Electric Gearshift for Autos 567

Buying a "Used Car" 573

This Tire Pump Gets Power from the Engine

Crankshaft 585

A Harrow-Like Brake for Mountain-Climbing

Automobiles 590

The Common Rotary-Valve Gasoline Engine Is a

New Departure 600

Testing for Trouble That Causes Poor Auto Lights 610

How to Relieve Your Auto Brakes 617

Electrically Operated Turntables for Automobiles . 669 Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories .... 674-7

It Has Both a -Pneumatic and a Solid Tire 681

Preventing the Ford Engine from Overheating. . . . 687

Touring in a Motor-Truck 697

Transporting a Precious Mirror 703

An Automobile Safety Device 705

Kerosene-Driven Farm Tractor 720

Hauling a Seven-Ton Truck Out of the Mud 735

Changing a Roadster Into a Five-Passenger Car. . 737

Getting More Mileage Out of Gasoline 738

A Simple Cylinder Re-Boring Machine 748

A New Way of Cushioning the Front Spring Action

of an Automobile 828

Three-Purpose Electric Drill 828

The Automobile Driver Must Know What to Do in

. Case of Accident 83 1

Bell Gives Warning When Automobile Backs Up. . 834

A Powerful Motor Sprinkler 849

New Motor Truck Kitchen 85 I

Automobile Accessories 852-53

Mirrors to Avoid Auto Accidents 855

Burning Distillate in Your Auto Engine 864


Keeping Auto Engine at Right Temperature 866

Turning the Headlights Electromagnetically 919

Forty-Five Miles an Hour on This Motorcycle Sleigh 920 An Automobile Steering Wheel for a Bob-Sled. . . 928


The Grave-Digger Beetle 25

How Scientists Capture Mosquitoes Alive for Ex- periment and Study 26

Japanese Mosquitoes for Bird Food 68

Counting the Drops in a Fog 91

Mountains Float 1 08

The Common Housefly Is the Most Unpopular of

Insects 110

The Misunderstood Shark 196

Teaching the Proper Care of Forests by Object

Lessons 1 99

It Is Beautiful Because It Is So Ugly. 201

Teaching Children Natural History with Animal

Pictures Made of Sand 201

Mysterious Ice Mines 207

Poison Ivy and How to Avoid It 207

The Curious Ways of Egypt's Holy Beetle 252

What Monterey Did with a Whale 255

Everybody Knows the Squash Bug 264

Coaxing Music from a Pile of Rocks 267

Imitating Nature with a Miniature Volcano 286

An Irish Thrush Rings for His Food 288

Potash from California Sea Kelp 325

Operating upon Trees 346

Unwashed Sponges Are Dirty 351

Penitentiary Roof Garden 390

Feeding London's Zoo Animals 400

The Night Song of the Tree Cricket 406

Faces in Walnut 407

Why Pheasants Need Foster Mothers 410

Growing Umbrella Handles ,. 420

How a Cyclone Bent a Flagpole 433

Why Does a Cat Have a Tail? 438

This Bird's Nest Is a Two-Room Apartment 525

If You Had No More Teeth Than an Elephant You

Couldn't Be a Soldier 572

Teaching the Truth About the Misunderstood

Snake 579

Rivers That Flow in Two Different Directions .... 678

Why Do Salmon Go Annually Out to Sea? 681

A Thirty-Five Acre Island of Mud Near Memphis 721

The Robber Crab 730

Orchids That Grow on Telegraph Wires 731

How Plants Accommodate Themselves to the Cli- mate f 737

San Salvador's Terrible Quake 741

A Lizard That Squirts Blood from Its Eyes 805

Palm Spiings 805

Snow Honeycombs and "Penitents" 805

How Did One Egg Get Inside of the Other? 826

The Cut Branch Did Not Die 836

Exploded Beliefs about the Arctic 839

You Can Hold a Dozen of These Coconuts in One

Hand. . 848

The Eccentricities of the Sleeping Horse 851

Can a Frozen Fish Be Restored 873

Mvsterious Sound That Baffles Science 881

Eat Your Dates with an Easy Mind 918


A Photographic Trick— Try It the Night of the

Fourth 7

Making "Night Scenes" for the Motion Picture. . . 24

Wireless in the Talking Movies 33

Making Motion Pictures at Home. 54

Taking Motion Pictures on the Road in a Queer

Vehicle 61

An Attachment Which Will Lock Your Camera to

the Tripod in an Instant 120

Dinner Served in Gondolas on a Champagne River 220

Camera Handled Like a Pistol 241

Directing a Motion Picture Show from the Mana- ger's Office 254

Taking Snap Shot Action Pictures at Night 280

A Solution for Reclaiming Over Exposed Blue

Prints 287

Leveling a Motion Picture Camera Tripod 292

A Quick Action Electric Switch for Photographers 307

Taking the Glare Out of Motion Pictures 324

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