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��Page The Poison Gases that Kill Men in Trench Warfare 24

Big Steel Guns and How They Are Made 38

A New Caterpillar Truck 57

A Submarine's Trip on Land 58

Fire-Crackers to Ward Off Submarines 59

Our Unsinkable Cargo Fleet 63

An Inverted Periscope Used Under Water 68

The Shoe Hospital of the Allies 61

California's Conception of a "Tank" 67

Millions Spent for Shells 70

A Signal Gun 71

Conserving Wheat with Alfalfa 72

An Electric Rammer 80

Motor-Boats for Submarine Chasers 82

Dummy Guns Train England's Gunners for the Sea 94 To Save Money During War Time Why Not All

Dress Alike 1 00

The U. S. Armies Prepare to Fight Germs 106

Protecting the British Fleets with Chain-Nets. ... 112

Separating Russian Prisoners from Vermin 119

Drag-Bombing Submarines with Airplanes 163

Handling a Submarine 1 68

The Time Fuse and How It Works 192

Antiseptic, Anaesthetic Bayonet 216

A New French Word "Camouflage" 217

The Onerous Task of Rejecting Recruits 218-219

The New French "37" 220

A Great Map of Warring Europe 222

An Automobile-Mounted Machine-Gun 226

How the Germans Mutilated Their Boats 230

The Largest American Flag .' 245

A New Method of Foiling Bomb-Droppers 247

Applying the Idea of the Needle Bath in Shell- 1

Making. 248

An Army Tool-Shield 266

Figures That Give An Idea of the Task of Trans- porting Our Armies 27 1

Why Not the Land Torpedo? 323

A Target Which Answers 349

A Visor for the Helmet 350

The Marines Sleep on Their Life-Prese. vers 354

Hurling Barbed Wire at the Enemy 355

The Primer of the Giant Shell 36 1

The Biggest Red Cross Flag 369

Details Involved in Making Shrapnel 369

Target Practice with Coast Defense Guns 369

Moving a Piano Across the Sahara 378

Desert Sandshoes 379

The Mother of the Submarine 380

Italian Soldiers Paint Their Faces 382

Rifle-Firing Kinks Taught West Pointers 383

Body Armor for the Soldier 389

Newspaper Torches 390

Testing the Hearing of a Soldier. 392

Revolver Machine Gun 393

How the U-Boats Get Through the Nets . 395

Khaki Has Been Used Since 1848 401

All Around a Battleship 402

The War Dress of the New Guinea Soldiers 406

Demolishing Cottages with a Battering Ram 409

The Detonator Head 419

A Million Dollars a Year to Paint Our Navy 424

Thrusting Spears for Cavalry 430

Military Marching for Beginners 475

Is This the Machine-Gun of the Future? 483

Three Million Pairs of Shoes Ordered for the Army 507 Firing Shells Charged with Gasoline Which Ignites

on Impact 507

Will the Shell Burst When It Is Fired? 513

The New Enfield Rifle 518

A Shock Absorber for the Soldier's Kit 521

Statistically, What Is Your Chance of Being Killed

in This War? 532

The Camouflage Soldier 533

Saving the Food Cargo of a Torpedoed Ship 540

Forty-Three Bombs in a Freight Car of Scrap

Iron . 542

The "Red Cross" for the Soldiers; the "Red Star"

for Their Steeds 544

The Carrier Pigeon Still Holds Its Own as Trusted

Messenger 554

Shoot or Stab This Dummy, and an Explosion

Occurs 555

Megaphoning the Reveille 568

Fighting a Gas Attack in the Trenches 580

Moving Targets to Quicken the Eye and Steady the

Aim 585

��What You Will Need When You Go to Training **

Camps 596

Gun-Buoy for Repelling Submarines 643

A Merry-Go-Round for the German Soldiers .... 644

A Leopard Ship of the Sea 645

A Versatile "Helmet 646

Cowards in the Armv Are Rare 646

Fighting at Night with Searchlight Torpedoes. . . . 680

What's Wrong with the Submarine? 682

Medical Men in the Army 685

Packing Chocolate in Sausage-Links 685

Shells with Scissors Attachments That Cut Wire

Entanglements 686

Portable Army Bread-Mixer 689

Catapulting Seaplanes from U-Boats 696

Identification Rings for Soldiers 699

A Shoe-Repairing Truck for the Army 700

Guarding Venice 706

The New Service Flag 707

Assembling Torpedos 717

A Temporary Tombstone for the Unexploded Shell 721

Paper Uniforms for German Soldiers 728

A Bullet That Flies Like a Comet 729

The Machine-Gun Principle Applied to the Revolver 730

Eliminating the Periscope from the Submarine. . . 731

Men Who Ought to Make Good Rifle Shots 732

Business Is Booming in War Horses and Mules. . . 736

Three Shots with a Single Shell 739

Will a Projectile Fly True? 743

A French "75" Anti-Airplane Gun with a Camou- flage Dressing 744

How a Fighting Dummy Teaches Men to Use the

Bayonet 824

Steel Castings for Modern Dreadnoughts 827

Reaching the Soldiers, Wounded Far Up in the

Mountains 839

The Unsinkable Submarine 840

The Possibilities of a 60-Inch Gun 844

Testing Shells for Hardness 847

The French "Horizon Blue" Is the Best Color for

Uniforms . . 848

What Defective Ammunition Means 849

New Motor Truck Kitchen 851

Blinding the Enemy with Searchlights 859

A Bomb in a Piano 865

Dummy Airplane Targets 866

A German Military Obstacle 869

The Latest Sea Camouflage 876

Protecting Battleships with Compressed Air 886

German Trenches as Comfortable as Houses 889

England's Great Under-Sea Walls of Bombs 915


A Hint to Motorists — Keep Your Radiator Clean 7

Differentiator Motor Vehicles 30

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories. . . .34-35

Measuring Motor-Truck Loads Automatically. ... 36

The Youngest Manufacturer of Automobiles 48

A Solution to Tire Troubles 58

Auto Engine Cooler on Steam Ejector Plan 62

Transforming an Auto Roadster into a One-Ton

Truck 73

A Ten-Ton Motor-Truck on Eight Wheels 88

A New Type of Transmission Employs Cork Inserts 1 00

The Problem of the Automobile Top :••.••• '02

A Community Garage Comprises Fifty Buildings

on One Lot Ill

Making the Acetylene Light as Brilliant as the

Electric Lamp 120

Combined Ice-Box, Pantry and Trunk for Autos. . 165 Testing a Car's Power to Pull Itself Out When

Stuck 167

A First Assistant to the Motorcycle Cop 169

The Automobilist's Mechanical Cost Keeper 186

A Folding Crib in the Automobile and Summer

Camp 191

A Funnel Will Fill Up Your Automobile Tank

Without Spilling the Gasoline 193

Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories. . . 194-195

Convenient Automobile Doors 224

Automobile Run on Alcohol 229

The Cost of French Army Cars 233

A Keyless Lock for Your Ford 236

Auto Engine Cooler Operates on Steam Ejector

Plan 246

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