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This Typewriter Prints in Every Type and Lan- guage 5

Is Your Typist a Rapid Operator? This Machine

Will Time Her 25

Big Steel Guns and How They Are Made . '. 38

Typewriting in Code 59

Mechanical Appliances 74-75

A Cushioning Drawbridge Gate 80

A Safety Coat for Workmen 96

The Last Word in Fountain Pen Efficiency — An

Eraser Attachment 97

Removing Iron Rivets with a Pneumatic Hammer 97 With the Warm Weather Come Improvements in

Ice-Cream Making 1 00

Safety Nets of Rope for Skyscraper Workers .... 114

Largest Indoor Waterfall 166

A Street Cleaner Built Like a Carpet Sweeper .... 203

Mechanical Appliances 210-21 1

A Coal Mine in His Cellar 215

Repairing Flag Pole Without Steeplejack 216

Canning Beans by Machinery 221

A Portable Elevated Saw 228

A New Addressing Machine 234

A Conveyor for Loading Coal 237

A Self-Propelling Sprinkler 240

A Mechanical Bank Teller 245

The Needle Bath in Shell Making 248

A Portable Nail Distributor 249

T he Evaporation of Water Drives This Remarkable

Clock 254

One Horsepower Will Run All the Watches in the

World ...261

A Small Sand Spreader Is Useful All the Year

Round 263

Panning for Gold in Central and South America . . 264

The Compressed-Air Orchestra 265

The Efficient Garbage Collector 397

Mechanical Kinks 398-9

A Machine for Reclaiming Scrap Material 410

Three Roadmaking Machines in One 421

A Time-Saver for the Repairman 425

Standardizing the Die-Sinker 440

Gear Wheels Made of Cotton 517

Steam Jets Which Save Thousands of Dollars in

Large Power Plants 523

Do It with Tools and Machinery 534-535

Stamping Two Thousand Letters an Hour 537

A Substitute for Forms in Concrete Roofs and

Floors 543

An Iron Worker's Steel Glove 544

How One Furnace Can Save a Big Slice of the

Country's Coal Bills 564

We Burn Coal Lavishly, but We Have Plenty to

Burn 567

Making a Fortune Out of Cement Factory Dust . . 569

Blowing Stumps Away with Air 576

Welding Ten Miles of Pipe for a Skating Rink .... 584 Drilling with This Electric Drill Is Like Shooting a

Pistol 593

Let This Automatic Device Feed Your Envelopes . 595 The Overdriven Nail and the High Cost of Living. 543 Potted Plants as a Part of a Plumber's Equipment 548 Perfect Bread Slicing Machine for the Commis- sariat ; 645

Fastening Motors to Ceilings Without Scaffolding 673 Weighing Your Coal by the Ounce or the Pound. . 686

A Device for Handling Rugs 699

A Simplified Gasoline Engine 704

Stamping Oranges 705

Extinguishing Flames of a Gas Well 708

Mechanical Appliances 718-719

The Most Ornamental Smokestack in the World. 734

How the Cellar Shut-Off Nozzle Originated 740

This Furnace Practically Takes Care of Itself. . . . 742

Any Boy Can Build a Concrete Wall 745

Whirling Concrete Poles into Shape 749

Fire Doors That Close Themselves 750

Sorting Letteis with Gravity Chutes 752

A Valveless Pump for Gearset Grease 753

Cutting Sheet Metal with a New Machine 757

Handling Cotton Bales with an Over-Head Trolley 757

The Giant Crane of the Austrian Navy 758

A Jeweler's Ruse 760

A New Siphon That Starts Itself Without Suction

or Pumping 832

Turning Valves on Their Seats Automatically. . . . 859

��Page Furnace Burns Soft Coal and Cleans Its Own

Radiator 867

Largest Direct-Current Power Plant 868

Improved Mechanical Appliances 871

Running the Oven by the Hot-Air Furnace 879

Making Flour from Pigskin 882

Barking Wood by Machinery 885

A Dipper Dredge That Served as a Qrydock 893

Two Locomotives to the Aid of a Shivering Manu- facturing Plant 899

Doing the Work of Three Hands with Two, on a

Soldering Job 900

Which Way Will the Tree Fall? 901

New Looms for Old — A Wartime Necessity 904

A Collapsible Concrete Form Which Works on the

Principle of an Umbrella 905

The Smallest Bandsaw 907

Another Biggest Thing in the World— This Time a

Riveting Machine 9| 3

Hot Water in an Instant 920


Be Thou Wary of the Bubbling Cup 86

The Hospital Toothbrush — It Has a Removable

Pad 95

The Private Hairbrush — The Bristles Can Be

Locked Up 95

The U. S. Armies Prepare to Fight Germs 106

That Wad of Dental Cotton— Was It Sterilized? . . 107

An Ice Helmet to Relieve the Fever Patient 115

Separating Russian Prisoners from Vermin 119

Chiropodists for the Army 164

A Holder and Sterilizer for the Toothbrush 205

Gigantic Models of Mouths 221

A Single First-Aid Dressing 235

How Policemen Revive You When You Faint. . . . 237 The Feet and Legs of American Citizens Are Un- sound . 263

Closing Up a Wound Without Using a Surgeon's

Needle 269

Feeding Germs on a Special Diet 270

Inducing Artificial Respiration with a Vacuum. . . 350

A Device for Supporting the Arch 385

The Dental Hygienist 387

A Spring-Motor for the Human Jaw 408

A Treatment for Distemper in Dogs 434

If You Lisp or Stammei Use a Mirror or Candle. . 484 A Self-inflicted Tug-of-War to Increase Your

Height 484

Combination Knife and Fork for the Wounded. . . 485

Choosing the Air for Our "Castles" 503

A Crutch Built on the Principle of the Rocking

Chair " 523

The Army Medical Museum's Giant Skull 551

The Massaging Chair 564

A Huge Barber-Shop Sterilizer on Wheels 583

This Death's Head Poison Bottle Will Prevent

Fatal Mistakes 594

Bomb Exits for America's First Portable Hospital 596

Fat People Are Unpatriotic 645

Medical Men in the Army 685

Open Your Mouth and Let the Doctor Flashlight

Its Interior. . 687

Preventing Typhoid 706

Testing the Fighting Aviator 711

The Best Night Light for the Sick Room 729

A Medical Battery No Bigger Than an Ordinary

Flashlight 731

How About ThatThird Cup of Coffee for Breakfast? 734 Train Your Skin So That It Will Not Be Sensitive 744

Artificial Lungs for New Born Babies 807

It Bathes, Massages, and Dries Us 832

The Old Indian Priests Had No Easy Time of It. . 837

Toe Spring for Enlarged Joints and Bunions 838

A Disappearing Crutch 854

Curing Wounds with Sugar 867

Fracture Setting Machine 875

Employing Destructive Gases in the Warfare

Against the Sleeping Sickness 888

Using Brine Baths as a Cure for Shell Shock 899

Examining Recruits for Tuberculosis 909

Treating the Wounds of the War by Electricity. . 918

MILITARY AND NAVAL SCIENCE How the Fighters Will Be Fed 6

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