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��Page Why a Sidewalk Was Built on the Top of a Storm- Sewer Tunnel 746

Building a Park Around the Debris of a Burned- Down Schoolhouse 722

Two Billion Paving Bricks a Year 855

Measuring the Flow of Rivers 867


Electrified Street Directions 33

An Effective Burglar Alarm 49

Cooling a Room with Cold Water 62

An Electric Machine for Cutting Uniforms 71

Newspapers in the Sky 104

A Telephone Attachment Which Performs the Ser- vices of a Watch Dog . . . . 105

Seal Your Letters by Electricity 114

Applying Insulation to Splices Made in Electric

Wires 147

A Simple and Easily Made Electric Battery Motor 147

Rebuilding Worn-Out Dry Battery Cells. 148

Method of Insulating Secondary "Pies" in Trans- formers 1 49

Steadying Voltage of Dynamo Driven by Gasoline

Engine 150

Increasing the Voltage of a Dry Battery 150

Keyless Lamp Socket for Switching Electric Cur- rents , 151

The Effect of Electricity and Music on the Human

Organism 152

A Rain Alarm Made of a Broken Electric Globe . . 152 Protect Yourself Against Highwaymen with an

Electrified Cane 191

An Electric, Self- Winding Clock 222

A Light for Luring Fish 233

The First Life-Long Flashlight 240

A Flashlight Attached to Your Razor 251

An Electric Cord for the Sash Curtain 280

Simple Oscillograph to Record Current Alternations 284 Reversing Rheostat for Controlling a Small Motor 309

A Drip-Pan Alarm for the Ice-Box Drain. 311

The Electric Stevedore 328

Telephoning from a Trolley-Car 353

The Ben Franklins of Today 363

The Electric Manicurist 400

Increasing England's Crops by Electricity 421

The Price of This Kiss Was Death 432

A Method for Recharging Dry Cells 442

His Lighting Bill Is Twenty-five Cents a Month. . 536 "Do It Electrically" Also Applies to the Barber. . 538 Using Resistance in Field Wiring on Automobile

Dynamo 606

Connecting a Spot Light in an Automobile Dynamo

Circuit 613

Electric Lamp Attached to a Spoon for Tongue

Depresser 618

This Electric Heating Faucet Has No Switch or Coils 668 An Electric Wire in the Street Ignites a Balloon. . 670 Using an Electric Heater to Dry the Glue on En- velopes 672

Announcing the Election Returns by Telephone . . 740 Making Telephones and Phonographs Clearer.... 745 Click! Click! Go These Electrically Operated

Scissors 748

Telegraphing by Typewriter 756

Automatic Cut-Outs for Charging Storage Cells . . 789

A Practical Electric Vacuum Cleaner 791

Making an Electric Furnace for the Laboratory . . 792 Testing Electric Wires for High Tension Currents . 797 Resistance in Circuit to Make Double Tone Auto- mobile Horn 797

Making a Selenium Cell for the Laboratory 799

A New Way of Oiling Machinery by Electiicity. . 825

Illuminated Muffs 881

Combining an Electric-Elevator with the Shoe- Shining Chair 888

Applying the Principle of the Phonograph to the

Telegraph Sounder 889

Reducing Packing Costs in Handling Telephone Sets 908 A Telephone Conversation May Be Almost "Pri- vate" Nowadays 913

Telephone Conversation Made Easy by a New De- vice 919

Charging Storage Batteries with Direct Current . . 947

Simple Method of Making Storage Cells 947

Auto-Transformer in Headlight Circuit on a Mag- neto 952


Making a Good Outdoor Ground to a Pipe 952

Finding the Combined Value in Parallel Resistances 959 Heating a Soldering Iron with an Electric Arc. . . . 960


Save Your Bottles. A Shortage of Jars and Cans

Is Threatened 37

Not Even the Space Underneath This Desk Is

Wasted 37

A Machine for Ironing Stockings 49

Household Appliances 52-53

A Tea-Making Machine 66

Using Your Player Piano as a Vacuum Cleaner. . . 72 Changing the Apartment Telephone into a Pay- When- You-Call System 86

Alarm Which Tells You When Your Bathtub Has

Been Filled to Whatever Depth You Desire ... 87 Combining a Strainer with the Bung of a Barrel . . 90 Making the Kitchen Range One Hundred Per Cent

Efficient Ill

A Clever Bottle-Opener 1 90

Co-operative Kitchens to Solve the "High Cost"

Problems 198

Children May Write on" These Walls Without Fear

of Punishment 204

An Electric Fan Runs Without Electricity 217

Household Appliances 238-239

Keeping Out Flies When You Open the Door. . . . 260 Household Bookless Bookkeeping on the Poker- Chip Principle 267

Put Your Flowers Outdoors on this Adjustable

Window Shelf 271

Hanging Backing Cloth for Wall Paper 283

A Double Deck Revolving Clothes Hanger for a

Yard 287

Iceless Refrigerator Using Evaporation for Cooling 289 Sterilization Is the Essential Factor in Canning

Vegetables 290

The Burlap Cooler 351

Scrub Your Walls by Machinery 360

Housekeeping Made Easy 372 -3

An Approved Smoker's Kit 410

A New Attachment to Hold the Trousers in Place 420

A Handy Clothes Closet for Your Vacation 424

The Clam-Shell as a Decoration 43 5

That Bit of Butter Left on Your Plate— What

Becomes of It? 519

This Vacuum Cleaner Is Used Like an Ordinary

Broom 519

Housekeeping Made Easy 552-553

Fountain Spot-Remover Works Like a Scrubbing

Brush 568

An Owl with Eyes of Scissors and Backbone of Paste 576 You Can Roll This Can Without Spilling the Gar- bage , 593

A Wooden Lighthouse Candlestick and How It Is

Made. 600

Sending the' Wash to the Laundry Through a Glass- Lined Chute 664

The Full Dinner Pail 669

An Accommodating Gas Stove 670

What to Do with That Dripping Umbrella 671

Keeping Your Neckties Smooth 672

New Can-Opener Which Does Not Destroy the Can 679

Housekeeping Made Easy 694-695

A Necktie Rack 702

Cook Over the Gas Lamp 72 I

Making a Window Seat Out of the Radiator 725

Dry Your Fruits and Vegetables at Home 736

Carry Your House Key in Its Own Bag ........ 736

The Kitchen Cabinet Up-to-Date 742

The Temperature Alarm 747

Keeping the Shampooing Soap Suds Out of Your

Eyes 804

Storing Needles and Thread in the Handles of

Scissors 828

Solving Kitchen Problems Electrically 830

Abolishing the Garbage Can 833

Rocking the Baby Fore and Aft ... 842

New Shoe-Polishing Kit 857

Improved Office Appliances 870

Electric Fish-Sealer 873

Baby's Wheeled Dressing Table 877

Housekeeping Made Easy 890-91

A Pelican in Your Wardrobe to Hold Your Coat. . 904 Want to Go to the Attic? Just Pull Down the Stairs 912

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