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Popular Science Monthly INDEX

Volume 91 — July-December, 1917


Ancestors of the Bird and Airplane 3

The Strength of Human Wings 32

Fighting from Balloons 50

Fighting in the Air 76

America's Biggest Flying Machine 200

U. S. Dirigible D.N. I 225

"Pillows" as Airplane Targets 327

A Fire-Chief's Airplane 385

The Ideal Aerial Bomb 386

Will the Dinners of the First Trans-Oceanic Flight

Be Hot? 425

A Life-Preserver for Aeronauts 439

The Charge of the Lightest Brigade 530

The Airplane to the Rescue of Storm-Tossed

Mariners 538

The Zeppelins Are Coming! Hug the Ground. . . 540

Protecting the Airplane with a Fire-Proof Coating 542

Air Scouts Learn to Sketch Battlefields 545

The New Blimp Type of Dirigible 546

Italy's Huge Bombing Triplane 688

Catapulting Seaplanes from U-Boats 696

Directing the Big Gun Fire from Airplanes 701

New Gun-Tunnel Airplane 709

Testing the Fighting Aviator. 711

A New Map-Holder for the Aviator 728

Sixty Miles an Hour Is the Climbing Speed of Fly- ing-Machines 744

Making a Safe Landing at Night from an Air- plane 752

Fishing in the Air 803

A Biplane Which Crashed Through a Roof 838

Sixteen Airplanes Against One Destroyer 850

The Sun, an Enemy to Airplanes 857

Testing Airplane Engines at Factory 861

Dummy Airplane Targets 866

Commuting by Airplane 879

Our Aviation Problems 894

Aviators Now Can Carry Their Telephones Under

Their Hats. 907

Testing Airplanes in a Man-Made Storm 910


Guinea Pigs Were Once Cultivated Like Chickens

for Food > 27

Making the Cow's Tail Behave with a Trolley

Restrainer 27

A New Corn-Husking Machine 60

A Garden in Which Weeds Are Not Only Tolerated

but Cultivated 61

To Make Your Lawn Attractive You Must Edge It

Evenly 89

An Adjustable Rake for the "Land Patriots" .... 90

Silo Roof Opens Like Umbrella. 106

Take Good Care of the Eggs This Year 167

Growing Mustard and Water Cress on Blankets. . 204

Plowing and Pulverizing the Soil in One Operation 205

Soya Beans, a Substitute for Meat 206

Studying the Effects of Calf-Foods by Means of

Photographic Records 253

The "Pretty Maids" of a Chinese Window Garden 269

The Stationary Fruit Net 273

To Prevent a Colt from Becoming Tangled in

Halter Rope 288

An Old Cake Tin Makes a Good Watering Pan for

the Poultry Yard 300

A Plumbing System for the Farm Residence 305

Watering Plants Drop by Drop 354

Subduing the Cow's Tail 388

The Latest Tree-Trimming Ladder 407

A Tin-Pan Orchestra to Scare the Birds Away 430

A Stylish New Coat for the Baby Lamb 507

��Page The By-Products of the Grapefruit Obtained from

the Culls 555

A Little Bit of Egypt on a California Ostrich Farm 570

Let the Birds Save a Billion Dollars a Year 588

Sowing Tree Seed in the Snow 588

Gold-Plated Teeth for the Sheep Is Common in

Scotland 591

Keep Livestock Away from Railroad Tracks .... 644 A Spading Machine Which Makes Patriotic Gar- dening Worth While 685

A Pig Carries His Own Pen 698

A Portable Alfalfa Mill 698

A Homemade Plow 706

Providing a Treat for the Birds in' Cold Weather. . 728

Grooming the Horse with a Vacuum- Cleaner Mitten 746

This Is the Way They Plow in Porto Rico. . . .... 750

Hatching Chickens in Glass Globe by Electricity . 806 The War Gardens of Railroad Employees and Sta- tion Agents 893

His Majesty, the Turkey 902

Cattle-Guard Made of Cactus 905

Raising Terrapins on the Farm 906

Consider the Rat 916


The Door to This Siberian Home Is Located on the

Roof 101

Circular Farm Garage Built with Silo Forms 187

Roadtown — The Commuter's Utopia 188

Unique Shelter for Garden Entrance 292

Making a Durable Playhouse for the Children 300

How Sound-Proof Rooms Were Built 329

Star Spangled Banner in Brick 382

Like a Spider in His Web 561

This Store Sets a New Style in Exterior Decoration 671

Trees in the Forest One Week — Houses the Next. . 735

A Folding Staircase for the Fire Escape 839

House Numbers in Concrete 875

A Miniature Hotel with Two Thousand Rooms . . . 878

A Chimney with Windows 892


How the Sun Looks in the Arctic Circle 164

What's on the Moon? . 256

A Laboratory Two Miles in the Air 401

How Old Is the Earth? 747

A Parsec — The Greatest Unit of Measurement. . . 807

Chained to Our Earth I 835


A Suitcase Laboratory for the Laundryman 7

Whiskey from Jam and Potatoes 72

Mixing a Durable Water Color Aluminum Paint. . 300 Manufacturing Prussian Blue from American

Product 303

The Chemical Wealth of Some of Our Lakes 407

The Hottest Heat 414

Buttons Are Now Made as a By-Product of Beer . . 517

Getting Sulphur Without Liberating the Fumes ... 671

Indigo from Michigan 702

Powder Gases Wash Away Steel Guns . 754

Making Money Out of a Nuisance. The Industrial

Rise of Acetylene Ash 848

Oleomargarine Glorified 877

Sausage Made from Cottonseed 909


Making Paving Machinery from Odds and End*. . 597

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