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��Building an Artistic Bird -House For the Garden

THE design as shown by the drawing is an attempt to carry out a pergola effect. The general dimensions are II ft. 6 in. from center to center of round columns. From the ground to the under side of upper beam is 12 ft. The diameter of columns at base is 1 ft. 5 in., at the top 1 ft. 3 in. The general di- mensions can be changed to suit the partic- ular fancy of the amateur builder, but for satisfaction and to avoid mistakes they ought to be car- ried out as shown. The columns are of wood of built- up construc- tion, and set in the ground not less than 6 ft. That portion in the ground and 6 in. above ground line is thoroughly coated with tar, both inside and outside. The inside of each column, partic- ularly the lower portion, is re- inforced.

It adds much to the stability if that portion

���A very neat design for several bird-houses set on the cross beam of a structure resembling a pergola over a walk

��of the columns below ground line is in concrete. At the ground line base of the column there is a concrete finish, octagonal in form and about 7 in. high, and on the four sides there is a square block 6 in. high. The edges are slightly rounded. All are built of cement or stone, with suitable foundation. The columns, beams, and other woodwork are of cypress. The column cap is square. On top of each column cap is a wood beam or bracket 4 ft. long, 1 ft. 3 in. wide and 10 in. thick. The ends are shaped as shown. This short beam or bracket is of built-up construction and is laid trans-

��versely to the long beam above. On top of these two wood beams, a longitudinal beam is securely set in place. This beam* is 17 ft. long, 1 ft. 3 in. wide and 1 ft. 1 in. thick, and is of built-up or box construction. The ends are shaped as shown. The top of this beam slopes from the center to each side. The slope is about Y% in. The top is covered with tin, painted on each side. There are sixteen separate compartments or rooms on each side of the beam, also six more on top of the beam in the gables. There is a wood parti- tion dividing the front and the rear, also cross - pieces, giving each compartment about 6 in. by 6 in. floor space. The height is the height of the inside of beams, or the gabled roofs as the case may be.

Each com- partment has an opening with semi- circular top. From the floor to the base of circle it is 2^ i n. high; the width is 2 in. The opening is splayed on the inside, to carry out the drippings during rain storms.

Outside of each opening is a latticed shelf or ledge 6 in. wide with a 9 in. projection. On top of the beam there are gables. Each gable has two compartments, built in detail the same as specified for the lower compart- ments. The roof of gables is covered with tin. On top of this tin there is wood tile. This tile is thoroughly painted in red and thoroughly sanded.

The openings at each end of the beam have a small slanting roof. The cross beam extending from column to column is made removable.

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