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The Unbeaten "Constitution" 242

The Largest Model of a Ship Under a Roof 252

Disguised Submarines 265

Giant Mushroom Anchors for Holding Buoys .... 265

Practical Motor-Boating 275

Toy Compressed Air Boats 297

A Paddle- Wheel Canoe 393

A New Life-Saving Platform 408

Practical Motor-Boating 426

Making the River Drive a Ferry Boat •. . . 432

The Graveyard of Ships That Passed in the Night . 520 The Life-Preserver Is More Important Than Meals

Aboard Ship 521

Boats That Travel on Land and Water 525

She Launches Seaplanes and She's Unsinkable .... 529

A Houseboat of Marble 538

Even a Battleship Would Sink If It Were Not

Cleaned 554

Shall We Build Concrete Ships? 556

She Was Torpedoed but Her Cargo Plugged the Hole 569

Signaling Storms to Mariners 582

A Leopard Ship of the Sea 645

What's Wrong with the Submarine 682

Cast-Steel Ships 690

A Bungalow Takes a Sail Across San Francisco Bay 751

A Thriving Fishing Village That Floats 760

Raising Sunken Ships with Collapsible Air Bags . . 829 Boat Carries Engine in Its Fin 872


Dickory, Dickory, Dock, the Mouse Ran Up the —

Clock 29

A Refrigerator Basket for the Picnic Outing 31

A Many-Sided Bathing Cap 69

This Board Will Help You Learn to Swim 85

A Vast Fortune Is Chewed Up Every Year 103

Land Skates with Brakes and Pneumatic Tires ... 109 Rafting the Rapids on the Rio Grande in Jamaica 1 10

A Rein-Spur 190

Scraping a Baseball Bat 214

An Automatic Bait-Casting Fishing Rod 226

The Speed of a Baseball 227

This Spoon Hook Won't Tangle 240

Conquering Your Cramps Under Water 250

With an Axe and Two Springboards He Chops His

Way Up a 120-Foot Tree 253

A Hook and Bait Carrier ( 326

Shooting Snapping Turtles 368

A New Game of Pocket Billiards 388

Anchoring the Fisherman to the Fishing Pier 392

An Amusement Park in a Vacant Lot 412

Hitching a Fishing Line to a Kite 412

Detecting the Undertow Before It Catches the

Swimmer 43 I

Pulling and Pushing to Make the Swing Go 524

Lowering the Life-Boats by Means of Gear- Operated Davits 533

Put These Webbed Gloves on and Swim Like a Duck 532 Maltreating a Water Bottle to Test Its Strength. . 536 Making a Mule Push and Pull at the Same Time . 586 A Water-Cooling and Purifying Pipe for the Fastid- ious Smoker 590

The Suitcase Talking-Machine 644

The American Boy's Wagon 670

Looping the Loop in a Rocking Chair 673

Fishing for Herring with a Windmill 724

Making the Swimming Pool Attractive 725

Playing Patriotic Tunes on the Air-Brake 737

Making Comfortable Quarters for the Pet Snake . . 829

Eskimos of Alaska Held a Reindeer Fair 837

The Pull-Motor 842

Watch-Case Revolver 843

Mechanical Toys 862-63

A Christmas Tree Stand 874

A Jungle in a School- Yard 880

The Home-Made Ice Sleds of the Chinese Boys. .881

A Toy Gun for the Pacifists 883

Novel Color Mixer for Teaching Color Effects ... 888 A Billiard Table That Folds Up When Not in Use . 909

A Mouse Spins Cotton Thread 912

Winning an Athlete's Laurels 943


The Largest Straw Hat in the World Is Yours If It

Fits 24


Is Curled Hair Becoming Stylish in Japan? 26

These Magnifying Glasses Are Worn Like Spec- tacles ...;.. 29

Making a Second "Self" for Dressmaking Purposes 48

Ingenious Toys Made by Soldiers 57

A Hair-Drying Frame 61

A German Medal Commemorating the Sinking of

the Lusitania 66

. A Safety Chain for Your Pocketbook 69

Platinum Is Too Useful to Be Used as Jewelry. . . 69 A Twelve-Year-Old Inventor's Combination Um- brella and Rain-Cape 91

The Straw Hat for Storms 95

Giving Convicts a Real Chance 98

This Really Happens More Often Than You'd

Think 101

Five Hundred Indian Languages 165

Mechanical Hair-Parter 165

A Tight Cord Fastener 166

Foiling the Pickpocket and Protecting Your Watch 167

Use Your Natural Arm If a Craftsman 187

A Helmet for Smoke-Filled Rooms 1 99

A Chinese Composing Room 202

Wire Hood for Protection Against Mosquitoes .... 202

Teaching the Blind How to Write on Straight Lines 208

Deadening Noise by Pasting Tar Paper on Floors 228

A Pencil with Nine Good Points 228

A Novel Change Receptacle 233

An Open- Air Barber Shop '. 235

Wild Goats Live on the Roof 236

Cold Water Pipes to Cool a Room 246

Another Improvement on the Policeman's "Billy" 247

A Fortune from Old Razor Blades 248

Fifty-five Packages of Chewing Gum for Everybody 249

Wave Your Cane Flag 249

An Accommodating Church — It Goes Wherever

It Is Wanted 260

If Your Parrot Thirsts, Give Him a Drink 260

A Buttonhole Watch 261

An Automatic Revolver No Bigger Than Your

Watch 262

The Rate at Which Food Prices Have Advanced . . 265

The Dumb Turk. He Smokes Cigarettes 268

The Outdoor Trap for the Anti-Fly Campaign . . 271

Holding the Whetstone Where It Is Needed 273

Going to College to Learn Wood Graining 274

The "Swat the Fly" Campaign Is On 274

Collecting Old Newspapers 280

A Paper-Disk Flipper 329

A Kitchen on Wheels 348

Washing for Gold in the Guianas 349

Risking Lives in Government Surveys 352

Cardboard Covers for School Desks 352

Eat More Fruit and Drink Less Water 353

Using a Dozen Different Inks Without Mistake. . 354

Making Mud-Highways 362

Food for the Taking 374

The Broomstick Periscope 378

Why Are Skirts So Short? 378

The Biggest Bible 384

An Encounter Between Fire and Ice 389

A Heel Which Wears Straight 394

The Candle Industry Still Flourishes 397

Float Made of Raisins 397

Self-Operated Cradle 400

A Fire Hose with Ten Nozzles 408

A Waving Flag for Your Buttonhole 409

This Device Won't Let Your Hat Blow Off 411

Measuring the Wear on Roads 413

Goats' Milk Saves Babies' Lives 416

A "Safety First" Device for the Bill Folder 417

Experts Punch the Time Clock for Slow Stevedores 418

A Shrewd Marketwoman Made of Figs 418

What's Become of the Breweries? 423

A New Clock Scheme for the Daylight Saving Plan 432

The Umbrella Hat 484

From Soup to Nuts . 514

Work the Typewriter Standing or Sitting. 516

Each Salesman Has His Own Telephone in This

Grocery 516

A Pencil-Pen Without Wood, Rubber or Graphic 520

Two Ties in One . •. 522

It Holds and Presses Your Tie at the Same Time. . 522

In Japan the Barber Cleans His Patron's Ears. . . 524 It Takes About 150 Pounds Pressure to Break an

Egg 525

What Makes a Man a Criminal 526

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