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Let Cheese Be Your Meat Substitute 531

How You Light Your Cigar in Italy 537

The More You Pay for Your Clothes, the More

They Suffer on the Clothes Line 569

And These Are Not Leather? 571

Where Violin and Tennis Strings Come From . . 581 A Convenient Device for Keeping Your Razor

Blades Clean 584

A New Zinc Product Which Is a Substitute for Tin-

foil . . 585

To Keep Out Burglars Leave Your Key in the Door 591

The Over-All Has Entered the Fashion Sheets 591

Is This the Secret of Curious Finger Prints?. . . . 594 The Ivory Pie-Crust Trimmers of New England. . 595

Pack Your Water-Proof in Your Bog 596

The Mechanical Cigarette-Filler. '. . 646

His Drum Is Made of Human Skin and His Trum- pet of a Thighbone 647

The Favorite Pocket-Knife of the Jackie* 647

A Machine That Moistens the Indoor Air 664

Filtering the Snores Out of Sleep 665

A Space-Saving Display Fixture 668

How to Store Flour to Prevent It from Molding. . 672 Efficiency as Applied to an Ink-Bottle Holder. . . . 678

Fuel from Waste Paper 679

A Fountain Ink-Eradicator 679

You Can't Spill Ink When Pouring from This Bottle 681

Lucky and Unlucky Telephone Numbers 687

Holding Crowds at Store Windows 693

Dolls That Proclaim the Fashions 693

A Novel Tobacco Pouch 700

Dogs I nstead of Horses 702

A Pad and Pencil Attached 703

A Xylometer 704

A Time-Saving Measuring Board 707

Transforming the Bow Leg 710


Flushing Sidewalks Without Disturbing Cars 710

A Self-Filling Pipe 717

Iron Signs Give Good Advice to Tourists 724

Showing House Numbers on Street Signs at Corners 725

Leather from the Sea 726

Why Anthracite Coal Lands Differ in Price 731

This Kerosene Lamp Has a Horizontal Wick 751

"Woodman, Spare That Tree," 755

A Device for Keeping Bananas Clean 804

The War Price on Monkeys 804

A Badge Which Tells the Story of Your Life 807

The Largest Ball of Twine 824

The Most Expensive Coat in All the World 834

How the "Ship of the Desert" Is Anchored When

the Caravan Rests . 831

Is This the Secret of the Earth's Magnetism 843

Rice for Face Powder 854

A New Method of Learning to Play the Violin. . . 860

Protecting Your Shoes from Mud 861

A Palace of Corn 874

Wealth in Scrap Piles 883

Wearing Spikes on Your Feet to Prevent Slipping

on Ice 889

The "Complex Dinner" Container for Long Trips. 900 Pull Out a Cigarette and a Lighted Match with

One Motion 901

We Boycott the Chinese but Not His Hair 904

To Open a Stubborn Knife-Blade, Throw It from

You 907

Arrowhead Lamp Posts Mark the Arrowhead Trail 908 Filtering Out the Harsh Tones from a Phonograph 91 I We Use Eighteen Times as Much Light as Did

Our Great-Grandfathers 914

Matches? Take One at a Time, Please 914

Sharpening Your Pencil Without Soiling Your

Fingers 918

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