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Popular Science Monthly A Mechanical Hair-Parter. It Places Every Hair Where It Belongs


��EOK at this hair-parting apparatus. It accurately outlines a straight part on any portion of the scalp, separating the hair easily and quickly with out dependence upon a mirror.

The device consists of two flat strips of celluloid or vulcanized rubber which may be bent lengthwise to conform with the shape of the head. These are pivoted to- gether, edge to edge, in such a way that either strip may be swung around inde- pendently of the other. The strips are laid with their con- fronting edges along the line where the part is to be made. One is held down to conform with the shape of the head and the other is swung around carrying the free hair with it. Thus the hair is parted.

���One strip holds the hair down on an imaginary line, while the other sweeps the free hair to one side, making a straight part

��A Combined Ice-Box, Pantry and Trunk for Automobiles

A COMBINATION refrigerator, pantry and trunk, which can be made to fit any automobile, has been invented by Ralph S. Hopkins of Seattle. Hopkins has found this

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��The owner of this auto- mobile can stop at any suitable spot, set his table and partake of a comfort- able meal from the re- frigerator on the running- board of the automobile

���contrivance, made of iron for his five-passen- ger car, most valuable for automobile trips. The apparatus weighs sixty pounds and is placed on the running board. It takes up the entire space on one side between the front and rear fenders, without detracting noticeably from the car's appearance. It is fastened in place with four bolts. It is as high as the top of the doors of the motor car. The whole ap- paratus is made of sheet iron, painted to match the car, with the exception of the refrigerator, which is of galvanized iron to prevent it from rusting.

Hopkins uses his refrigerator, located at the lower right corner of the picture, for ice and perishables. The refrigerator is di- vided into two sections, the upper which holds the ice, and the lower which carries milk, butter and the like. In the lower compartment on the left side groceries are kept, while in the top section, which extends the whole length of the apparatus, are stored all other necessary articles for long trips, such as clothing, fishing tackle, guns, folding chairs and tables.

��There Are Five Hundred Indian Languages in the United States

BEFORE you write the Govern- ment or the Smithsonian Insti- tution and request it to send you the Indian name for this or that thing, bear in mind that there is no one American Indian language. On the contrary, there are no less than one thousand languages in the two Americas and practically five hundred distinct Indian languages north of Mexico. Thus, it is impos- sible to give the Indian word for any English equivalent. If you do re- ceive an answer to your in- quiry, the word given is probably chosen from the language of the tribe which once inhabited the particular part of the country from which the* request comes.


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