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Why They Were Rejected

���Hold that pose, Oscar, while we count the molar stalactites and stalagmites in your Mammoth Cave. By Jove, old top, you have six ivories missing. Sorry, but that dis- qualifies you. Yells Oscar, "Isn't it enough to kill the Germans or do I have to eat 'em too?" Bad teeth mean rheu- matism and poor health

��"You listen well, the doctor, musingly, "but I can tell from the way your internal gears mesh that you would travel in 'low' when leading a charge. Breathe naturally now, and I'll see whether your heart has a little movement of its own or not." The recruit is murmuring the prayer, "Oh death, where is thy sting-a-ling?"

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��Stand up straight, lift the right leg and say "Uncle" three times. Ah! ha! he has flat feet, hammer and over- riding toes, corns, bunions and ingrowing nails. He couldn't march far. Otherwise he is admirably fitted for military service. Admire the Junoesque arm if you must

��The color test or does black belong above or below the Mason and Dixon Line? It is a hard test, this color gamble. You are given five minutes to pick black from white and if yOu fail the first time you are only given two other chances. A color-blind person can't shoot straight


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