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Housekeeping Made Easy

���You do not have to turn this extinguisher upside down to use it. It has two gages, one to show the quantity of liquid and the other to show the amount of air pressure

��A vacuum washer to be attached to the side of the tub. The spring assists in lifting the cup and the handle controls its tub position

��A multiple tool for the home gardener. With the arrangement shown at right a trowel and rake are provided, as for a cultivator. Below is shown the method of turning up either tool out of the way of the one to be used

���This knife polishing machine does its work by means of powdered emery and leather disks revolved by the crank. It is made in two sizes


��A kerosene lamp may be converted into an up-to- date electric light by in- serting a bulb and con- necting it with the circuit


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