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���While there are many steering de- vices on the market these three shown are the most popular

��Single plank, with ordinary calk seam



��Single plank.with lap seam

��Single plank, ribband carvel construction

��I F=rT

��Single plank roughly put on and covered with canvas

��Plank put on improperly, not hoi lowed to fit •flat, on frame

���the timer until motor speeds up, and then proceed to adjust the needle valve on the carbu- retor until the best results are obtained. A slight movement of the needle valve will make a great difference in the mixture being fed into the compression chamber. For that reason it is advisable to go slow and try the different points. Too lean a mixture will cause a back fire while too rich a mix- ture will cause the

motor to slow down. When starting the motor, be careful that the mixture is not too rich. In the case of too rich a mixture close the needle valve until a blue flame is shown through the relief cock. If the motor backs fire on all carburetor adjust- ments the gasoline pipe or needle valve is clogged and does not allow the proper flow of gasoline.

Never use a wrench or screwdriver on a motor unless you know exactly why you are doing it. If you get a back kick or a sprained wrist from your motor, it is your own fault. Never try to start a motor with the spark advanced. The spark should be retarded before the engine crank is turned over. For throttling or slowing down, the expert uses the throt- tle; the amateur leaves his throttle open and retards the spark and thereby makes the motor back fire, thump and overheat.

Oil and grease cups should be filled and

��Single plank, hoi low and round style of seam


��Single plank,narrow slats strung on a wire


��Double plank construction

��Lap strake plank construction


��Edge nailed construction J K

l\ \ Plank properly V\\ hollowed and \\\ rounded to fit \V\curve of frame!

��The planking of the hull covers the ribs and frame of the boat and it may be applied in several ways


��The three methods of connecting up a magneto for being driven from the fly- wheel of the engine

��a small amount fed from each, always bearing in mind that too much lubrica- tion is almost as bad as too little, as it causes carbon to form in the cylinder. The fuel supply should now be turned on, both at the tank and at the carburetor. The needle valve on the carburetor should be opened slightly and the carburetor primed, as before mentioned, to make sure of a good sup- ply of fuel. As soon all oil cups should

��as the engine be opened.

In case a four-cycle engine fails to start at once, turn the crank over under varying conditions of fuel and air sup- ply, after making sure that the igni- tion system is operating and that the fuel is flowing into the carburetor.

���The torpedo type of stern is a very popular style and is adapted for shallow waters

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