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What's Your Hurry? Here's Your Army Hat— and the

��Below: Sewing the sweat band on a finished hat. A machine does the sewing in one-half the time required by hand operators

��The first process in making an army hat is shown above. The metal shaping cone is placed over the fur and revolv- ed at great speed

At right: Making the crown and brim smooth by putting the hat through a series of grinding rollers cov- ered with fine emery

���The inspection ta- ble. After the hats are shrunk and dyed they are ex- amined before be- ing sent on to the forming room

Below: The cone of fur as it is re- moved from the blowing machine. It is very soft and delicate requiring careful handling

��which stretches the edge of the hat until it resembles a brim. Shellac gives the stiffening


�� �