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Armor Appears on the Airplane

On this and the preceding page we present pictures of the newest French airplanes — an unarmored fast fighting Nieuport "Avion de Chasse," a fast armored Farman biplane, and a heavy weight-carrying Caudroa, all of which are in active service

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��In the new armored Farman biplane the exhaust is carried far behind the pilot through a perforated tube. A certain amount of muffling is also thus attained. The machine gun is obviously cooled by forced draft produced by the violent slipstream of the front propeller. The armor leaves much of the really vital portions of the machinery necessarily exposed, such as part of the radiator; still it increases safety

���Either one of the pilots of the two-motored Caudron may stand up in turn and fire the machine-gun, the man in front rearwards, and the man behind either ahead or abeam


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