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Housekeeping Made Easy

���A scientific cooker for meats, poultry, vege- tables, fruits and cereals. Above is a sectional view of it. It has three bot- toms designed to prevent the utensil from coming into di- rect contact with the flames and to concen- trate and con- serve the heat

����A unique cover for the humidor which is a com- bination affair on the order of a smoker's kit. It holds pipes and matches and serves as an ash tray when de- sirable. It fits into the top of the humidor

��Coring apples and cutting them into quarters in one operation. You simply press on the handle and give it one quick turn

���The electric light stand for the li- brary also serves as a book rack

���The kitchen table j and dish-washer. The washer is oper- ated by electricity

��The newest and od- dest design in racks for books,magazines and newspapers

���A machine for sanding floors evenly does away with the back-breaking labor involved in sanding by hands

��A skillet with a removable handle and an outlet for steam can be used either for baking, frying or boiling


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