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desired slope or arch, according to the adjustment of the coulters and scraper. The frame of the machine is provided F the same size as a pencil, this tire* with a universally movable wheeled axle at gage fits in the automobilist's pocket, its forward end, to which the front wheels

��A Tire Pressure-Gage No Bigger Than a Pencil

��It measures the tire pressures in five-pound increments and works on the plunger pump principle with a small piston forced out by the air pressure against a coil spring. The piston rod is graduated in pounds and has notches on one edge which keep the rod ex- tended to the highest pressure until it is snapped back by a push of the finger.

��This is 45 lb. pressure

��Three Roadmaking Machines in One

ANEW grader that does the work of several ma- chines heretofore required for finishing up a road has been invented by Charles M. Ander- son, of Denver, Colorado.

The principal element of the invention is a vertical, ad- justable frame having coulters which loosen and distribute the earth. Following the coulters comes an adjustable scraper, which levels the earth pul- verized by the coulters. Following the scraper is a roller which packs the ground down, forming a level road surface of any

���are mounted.

This construction of the frame makes it possible to operate the ma- chine in any desired direction and over rough and broken surfaces with- out danger of breaking or unduly straining the working parts of the machine. Either tractor or horse power may be used to run the ma- chine.

��Increasing England's Crops by Electricity

ONE way England will help to prevent German sub- marines from starving her out is by increasing her home crop by electricity; Experiments have been under way for determining how high frequency electric cur- rents will best stimulate crop PHteVeep growth. Prof. V. H. K. Blackman, of South Kensing- ton, the eminent agriculturist who is in charge of the work, has already shown on a small scale how oat crops can be in- creased from fifty to eighty- five per cent. This work is to be extended upon cereals and other field crops which will be planted over no less than fifty acres.


��Metal piston




��tire valve open

��The pencil -like gage works on the plung- er pump principle

���A road-grader which does the work of several machines. It loosens the earth, distributes it, pulverizes it, and packs it, forming a level road surface of any desired slope or arch

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