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���There are from seventy-five to one hundred cooks in the average restaurant. All are men. But girls prepare the salads and vegetables

��sure that he has enough of every- thing to fill al probable orders, and yet not so much that it wil be wasted.

He doesn ' t

have to guess at

how many people

will order this or

that dish so

much as might

be imagined. He

has a book in which

are pasted menus

of many other

days. On these

he has marked

the number of

people that ordered a certain dish when

it was offered before. Consequently he is

able to judge very closely how much should

be prepared the next time. If by any

chance there is a larger call for the dish

than on the last occasion, the steward, who

watches everything going on in the

kitchens, notes this, so that by the time the

supply begins to run out, he is having

extra orders of the dish prepared. That

is why a restaurant of the better class

is seldom "out of" anything.

And it is to pay the salary cf all these that your five-dollar bill goes, as well as to meet the cost of provisions.

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