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Do It With Tools and Machinery

���Below: A cushion sprocket for eliminating the jerky action of a motorcycle engine. Coiled springs in the web of the sprocket take up all the pull

��A ratchet auger handle convenient when boring holes in places difficult to reach. The handle is easily taken off

��Below: A pipe vise specially devised to be carried in the tool kit. It weighs only four pounds

�����Above : A shutter which can be operated from a distance to close the engine cocks when the water gage breaks

��Below: A wrench with curved handle and readily adjustable jaws

��This awl own spool

��Above :

carries its

of waxed thread. You

do not need to break

off the strands to sew

����A machine for bending steel, iron, brass and copper pipe without cracking or crimping the metal. It is equipped with interchangeable heads to take different sizes of pipe


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