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��in the drawing and table. 'A good pro- tractor can be purchased very reasonably. Cut out the pieces as shown on the right edge of the chart.

To use this chart, lay it flat on the

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An Inexpensive Cesspool Made of a Barrel and Cask

���1+ 13 ia

A miter chart to keep at hand for designat- ing the miter line of the bottom end section

paper and make a dot at the point where the lines meet. Draw a pencil line along the bottom and along the short line on the right edge that is marked for the num- ber of pieces wanted. Remove the chart and connect the dot and the short line. This line will be the miter required. At the bottom, draw a circle the diameter of the pipe wanted and project the lines upward and over to the right to develop the pattern as described in previous issues. For greater clearness we will give the table form, the numbered degrees for the miter lines for the indicated number of pieces as shown on the chart.

Miter Lines for Ninety Degree Elbows

For a Two-Piece Elbow 45 Degrees

For a Three-Piece Elbow 22^

For a Four- Piece Elbow 15

For a Five- Piece Elbow ii^£

For a Six-Piece Elbow 9

For a Seven-Piece Elbow. ...+... 7^

For an Eight-Piece Elbow 6 ^7

For a Nine-Piece Elbow 5%

For a Ten-Piece Elbow 5

��A SERVICEABLE cement cesspool can be constructed in the following manner at a cost of about three dollars. The essentials are a large crockery cask that stands about 4 ft. high, half of a lime cask, three or four bags of cement and plenty of clean sand and loose stone. Dig a hole about 8 ft. deep and 18 in. larger in diameter than the extreme diameter of the crockery cask. Fill this hole with about 3 ft. of stones or bricks packed loosely to allow easy drainage. Knock out the head of the crockery cask and turn it bottom up, with the open end over the stones. Place it so the distance between the cask and the walls of the hole will be about the same on all sides. This will bring the turned up bottom of the cask about a foot below the surface of the ground. Cut a round hole in the side to admit the drain- pipe and set it in place, letting the end project about 6 in. inside.


��Ingredients That Make the Best Kind of Glue

THERE are two kinds of constituents in glue — glutin and chondrin — the one or the other in large quantities accord- ing to the raw stock used. Skins will produce more glutin and bones yield a larger amount of chondrin. As a cement, the glutin has the greater binding power and naturally is the more valuable.

���A crockery barrel with an inclosed cask set in the earth to serve as a cesspool

Mix your cement in the proportion of 1 part of cement, 4 parts of sand and 4 parts of stone, bricks or clean clinkers. Fill in around the sides with this mixture and tamp well in place to remove all air pockets. Knock out the head from the

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