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There Are Many Ways of Picking Up a Living

��Like the vendor of Seville pic- tured on page 654, the milkman in Chili doesn't bother about a wagon to deliver his milk. The milk cans are carried in sacks over the horse's back and the milk is measured out with a dipper straight from the can to the consumer. In some parts of Chili the donkey takes the place of the horse as a milk- carrier

��When W. C. Grant lost his arms braking freight in the West Buffalo freight yards he forgot about misfortune and became a street musician. He had a special instrument made for him, consisting of pipes mounted on a metal support. By binding the stumps of his arms with cloth and by rubbing rosin on the cloth, he was able to extract music from the pipes. He has played in the streets of all the big towns from coast to coast

���Two Massachusetts boys wash- ing out riches, but the mineral is lead instead of gold. A gun club shoots over the mud flat and the boys collect the shot from mud

��When a steamer heaves in sight near Jamaica it is be- sieged by native traders who are anxious to dispose of young monkeys that have been trained and birds of brilliant plumage for a little silver. They approach the ship in canoes and small boats


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