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��"I'm lame in one foot. Can't walk without a cane," he pro- tested. The doctor boosted him up on a chair and looked at his heels. They were both worn down exactly alike prov- ing that both feet were normal

��"I'm deaf in the left ear." The doctor plugged up the right tube of a stethoscope and asked Ctto if he could hear the watch ticking. He could. "You hear it with your deaf ear," said the doctor. And so the army got him

��Is Hard. Everywhere ious Medical Traps in Ensnared and Betrayed

��He said that he couldn't hold anything in his fingers. "We'll take you," was the doctor's verdict. "Look at the nicotine (Stain. You can hold cigarettes, and so you can hold a rifle" One arm and one side com- pletely paralyzed — so he said. He did not know that there are electric reactions of the mus- cles. The little electric battery on the table in the pic- ture below betrayed him

���"Something's the matter with my heart,'-' protes slacker. The doctor takes his blood pressure, heart action is perfect. Another slacker goes to

��He said he was deaf. They dropped an iron chair. He never moved. "You are faking," said they. 'A deaf man would uimp from the vibration"

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