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��Popular Science Monthly

��"Poor chap i You can't see very far ?" A printed card was shown him, twenty feet away. "I can read only the first line." They moved him up within ten feet of a mirror and placed the printed card just over his chest as shown below. "How many lines can you 'see distinctly?" He could read a number of letters now. "You are taken," was the verdict. He read the reflected type at exactly the same distance from which he said he could not read in the first test, for- getting that the re- flection doubled his reading distance

���Couldn't see with his right eye at all, said Willie. The doctor befuddled him so with a two-color glass that before he realized it he was reading a card with his poor blind eye

��"I've got sciatica something tenible.;' They made him take off his shoe and sock and stretch out his leg. That was enough. No man suffering from sciatica could do it. He literally put his foot in it and is now marking time to the music

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