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Housekeeping Made Easy

���A beater attach- ment on the ordi- nary potato masher which adds greatly to its usefulness

���With these sealed water jars, butter, meats and other perishable food- stuffs can be kept fresh and sweet without ice

���With one revolution of the crank a seed is removed from a cherry without losing any of the juice. The seed is dropped through an opening in the bottom of the tray into a separate dish from that which receives the pulp

���Here the brush of the dish washer is in use. There is a soap compartment just above the bristles. The hot water passes down through the soap to the brush and plate surface

��Kettle made in aluminum having a double bail with handle so ar- ranged that it is self-tilting. The contents may be poured out or liquids drained off of vege- tables without removing the lid

��The usual difficulty of directing the breeze from an ordinary electric fan in the larger sizes is easily obviated by the ball joint in the stand. The fan may be set and clamped at any angle


���A permanent fix- ture for holding windows open for ventilation and pre- venting them from being opened fur- ther by intruders


���A dish washing device which has a small opening like a nozzle through which clear hot water may be thrown on the dishes by means of a thumb-operat- ed valve. A brush at one end completes the clean- ing process expeditiously

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