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Housekeeping Made Easy

���A crate for shipping dogs in safety and comfort with- out danger to the express- man and porters who must handle it on the journey.

���A circular cloth with draw string through six brass rings makes a convenient bag for odds and ends

���Food is put into the dog-crate shown at the left, through a small door in front

����A shelved wire mesh rack for con- veniently keeping the different vege- tables separate and where air can circu- late through them to prevent decay

���A hat protector made like an envelope. It may be carried in the pocket or handbag as a "prepared- ness" measure to be used in case of sudden rain

��.Supporting frame A light detachable fan for a sewing machine flywheel


��A neat appearing and sanitary dog kennel made from a barrel. There is a shaded resting place un- der the frame support

���A hanging or counter dis- play stand for grocers and fruiterers. It permits free air circulation on all sides

���A deodorizer of ornamen- tal design for hanging on a wall of the sick room or to counteract the musti- ness of a room that is to be kept cldted a long time

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