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���A Measuring Board Which Saves Time and Calculations on Structural Work

ABOARD which is the invention of Otto Nielsen, of Brooklyn, New York, contains two large scales, marked off in feet and inches, which are pivoted to it. One-foot squares are marked on the board, and these are numbered, starting with the point of pivot. These large squares are subdivided into square inches, and again into square eighth-inches, very accurately. If the vertical and horizontal distances between any two points on a com- plex slanting member are desired, it is necessary only to turn the pivoted scale to the cor- responding angle shown by the board protractor. The required distances are ob- tainable at once by read- ing the squares up to the point on the pivoted scale which corresponds to the distance between the two

points. ^^^^^^ WW A placard supplied

Distances intricate to com- ^B ^W by the Navy to

pute can be readily found by ^H 1 W h r g ^J^Z

i • re i.L li • r 4.L \. 1/ of a house from

laying off the outlines ot the ^^| ^^^ which a man

structure on the board. ^^^^^^^^ gone to the war

"A Man from This House Is Now

Serving His Country"

AVE you seen a new flag lately? You

will find it flying from the windows

the homes of both the rich and the

poor. It is a red flag with a white panel

the center. Sometimes the white panel

has one blue star, sometimes more. The

flag means that a man from the house it

decorates has gone to the war. If it has

one star you will know that one man

from that family is serving, if two

stars, two men have gone to the

front. It is unusual to see a

service flag displaying three stars

as does the one in the photograph,

but there are families entitled to

more than three. One house, from

which five sons enlisted, waves two

two-star flags and one with one


Another method of announcing that a man from a certain house is serving in the Navy is to hang a placard in the window which states, "A man from this house is now serving his country at the lines of an intricate structure, any distances can be read front in the United btates JNavy.

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